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Basque Transcription Services

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Most languages native to Europe belong, unsurprisingly, to the European branch of the Indo–European language family. But not all of them. Finnish, Hungarian, and Estonian are notable outliers, hailing from the Uralic family that originated around the Ural Mountains in modern-day Russia. But there’s also Basque, a relic of a historical Europe before the Indo–Europeans took over the continent. Today, Basque is still alive and well, and if you’re seeking transcription services for Basque, our team here at would be delighted to assist you.

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We Make Basque Transcriptions More Accessible Than Ever

​Spoken in Basque Country, a cultural region that straddles the western part of the border between Spain and France, Basque today boasts around 750,000 native speakers, with an additional 400,000 or so passive speakers. As many as 6,000 people even speak Basque as their only language, despite the ubiquity of Spanish and French in their respective countries. Basque features grammatical concepts entirely alien to European languages, including its ergative alignment, which means the subject of an intransitive sentence (e.g., “I” in “I go”) is treated grammatically the same as the object of a transitive sentence (e.g., “me” in “You see me”).

If the concept of ergativity has you scratching your head, don’t worry. Our team of Basque transcriptionists are native speakers who can easily navigate all the challenging grammatical aspects of this unique Paleo–European language. If you want a high-quality, professionally formatted transcript in Basque, we can do that, and if you’d prefer we translate your transcript into English, we can do that, too. Don’t worry about the subject matter—even if it’s dense, technical material for academic or business purposes—because we have specialists in all sorts of transcription domains and subject matters.

The Perfect Synergy Between Humans and Machines

​As AI technology continues to develop, including in the transcription sector, we as human transcriptionists are excited. While speech-recognition software simply isn’t accurate enough to replace human expertise, it is a great tool that can make our work faster and easier. When we work with speech-to-text software, we can develop transcripts more quickly without eroding the quality we’re known for, and no matter what, we’ll always have our human transcription experts verify the accuracy of our transcripts before we deliver them.

The accuracy of automated transcription software may be lower for Basque than major languages like Spanish or French, so that’s another factor to keep in mind when using the technology. We simply use it as a time-saving tool, letting our trained human transcriptionists dive into the more difficult aspects of transcription, such as dialectical speech, slang and colloquialisms, and technical vocabulary. And if you’d prefer that our human transcriptionists draft your Basque transcript entirely from scratch, we can do that as well.

Fully Flexible Basque Transcription Services According to Your Wishes

​Whatever specifications you have for the transcription of your Basque audio or video recordings, we’re happy to accommodate them. Since we’ve carefully selected Basque transcriptionists who work in different areas—academia, business, entertainment, and more—it’s easy for us to adjust our services to meet the needs of each individual client. And if you want your transcriptionist to have expertise in a particular area, simply let us know—our team is well-rounded, so we probably have the right expert for you.

You may be concerned about whether we can handle recordings with poor audio quality—maybe the background is noisy, perhaps multiple speakers are talking at once, or maybe the vocabulary is quite niche. That’s okay—our transcriptionists are seasoned professionals, so they know how to navigate such challenges. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are—perhaps Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Pamplona, San Sebastián, Barakaldo, Getxo, Irun, Bayonne, or somewhere else in Spain, France, or the rest of this vast planet—if you want Basque transcription services, you can trust us.

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