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Estonian Transcription Services


At, we’re proud of our team of experienced transcriptionists and the work they produce. If you want accurate and reliable Estonian transcripts, look no further. For both audio and video, we manage transcripts in either Estonian or English and customize the end product according to your needs.


Order now to receive high-quality Estonian transcripts.


The Best Estonian Language Transcriptionists Around


Estonian may not be one of the largest languages, but today, there are just over one million speakers throughout Estonia, making it the second-largest Finnic language after Finnish. Are you hoping to make your Estonian materials more easily available to a larger audience? Do you need them translated into English for global readers?


We’re here to help you. We provide Estonian transcripts for a range of needs and projects, whether you’re in the business, legal, or medical field.


The Best Transcripts Are Verified by Human Experts


Software has been making strides in the transcription industry as of late, but it's still far from rivaling the expertise of human transcriptionists. Human language is complicated, and even when the input is ideal, voice recognition programs may produce transcripts with avoidable errors and inaccuracies. But this technology can still be useful—as long as you have professional human transcriptionists carefully cleaning up the resulting transcripts, it's a great way to streamline the transcription process.


Our team of human transcriptionists ensures accurate Estonian transcripts. While software runs into trouble with idiomatic or colloquial speech, regional accents, and specialized vocabulary, these challenges pose no problem to our team, who will easily correct them in any transcripts that use automated transcription as a base. In addition to working in specialized fields, our language experts are familiar with a variety of Estonian dialects, including Northeastern Coastal Estonian.


Flexible and Customizable Estonian Transcription Services


We understand that your project might have specific needs, so we can customize our services for your project. If you’re catering to a local audience, we provide transcripts in Estonian, whereas if you plan to have your material go worldwide, also offers careful translation into English.


We work with materials in academia, entertainment, business, and more. Whatever specific needs your project has, we can customize our Estonian transcripts to accommodate them. Don’t worry if your audio includes background noise, overlapping speech, or technical vocabulary—our transcription experts have the skills needed for the task.


While amateurs might settle for “good enough,” we only provide transcripts that excel. We guarantee Estonian transcription services that are confidential, reliable, and produced with professionalism and sharp attention to detail. We’re ready to get to work.


Simply send us your audio or video file to get started. Whether you’re in Narva, Tartu, or Tallinn or are outside of Estonia, in Stockholm, New York, or Toronto, we’re prepared to help you.


Order today.

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