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The Best in Transcription Services in Bakersfield, California

Take your project to the next level with professional transcription.

​We love Bakersfield here at With rich local history on display at the Kern County Museum and beautiful nature at the Park at River Walk, combined with the unbeatable California sun, who wouldn’t? That means we’re even more motivated than normal to provide Bakersfield clients with the utmost accuracy and quality in their transcription orders. We’re the go-to choice for content creators, businesspeople, lawyers, and others in Bakersfield because of our flexible services, which include audio files, video clips, and even handwritten documents, available in English and many foreign languages.


​While the technology behind speech-to-text software is fascinating, it's not close to replacing human intuition. Where this technology does beat humans is in its speed. If you’re looking for both speed and quality in your transcription project, the best option is to plug the audio into a speech-to-text program and then have a human transcriptionist carefully go over the results to ensure accuracy—which is what we often do. We've focused on putting together the best transcription team in the world so you can feel comfortable ordering transcription for your focus group recordings, business meetings, or anything else.

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Audio and video transcription services that cater to everyone

From all over Bakersfield, wider California, and even the entire United States, clients from all walks of life entrust their recordings to us. We’re proud to be the most flexible transcription service in this massive nation.

  • We’re passionate about helping researchers and scholars advance knowledge in their fields. Our academic transcription services are available to academics at Bakersfield College, California State University at Bakersfield, California Aeronautical University, and more. Since we invest in transcriptionists with extra knowledge in other fields, you know you’ll be handing off your handwritten lecture notes or conference recordings to a subject-matter expert.

  • Content creators often require little extras in their transcripts, such as identification of speakers or stamps to mark the time of each utterance. If you need these, just let us know—we’ll add them for free. We’re also proud to provide video captions, which help creators boost the accessibility of their content.

  • California is a top destination for immigrants to the United States, and many settle in Bakersfield, away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. They bring their languages with them—whether that’s Marathi, Ukrainian, or Dutch. Everyone in Bakersfield can benefit from our transcription services, as we offer them in more than 500 foreign languages. And perhaps you’d like subtitles for your video—we can do that too.

  • Medical transcription must be extremely accurate—after all, whether you’re practicing neurology, surgery, or ophthalmology, this isn’t a field that can afford imprecision. Since medical transcription demands specialized expertise, we’ve partnered with a medical transcription company to ensure you get the highest-quality medical transcription possible, whether you’re in Downtown Bakersfield or Olde Stockdale.

  • We’re here for all the Bakersfield legal professionals looking for high-quality legal transcription services too. Our legal transcription partner maintains a strict dedication to quality and confidentiality and is capable of providing accurate legal transcripts in a wide range of legal subcategories.

  • We’re also here for any other Bakersfield residents who need transcription services, even for personal material. Whether it’s an audio clip, video footage, or a handwritten document, send it our way!

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We take pride in our superb transcription team.

​It’s hard not to feel proud when you’ve built up a team as skilled as ours. We’ve searched far and wide for the best transcriptionists in the industry, prioritizing those who have extensive knowledge in supplementary fields. This way, our academic clients and others in esoteric fields can confidently order transcription services from us.

​In short, we’re here to serve Bakersfield’s 385,000+ residents with whatever transcription needs they may have. We’ve purposefully built a flexible transcription team that can accommodate diverse needs, be they academic, corporate, or creative in nature. With transcriptionists in more than 80 languages, we can truly serve everyone in Bakersfield. And our prices are affordable and simple—you don’t have to worry about price hikes due to complicated audio.

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Why not try a free sample first?

​If you’re cautious, that’s okay. Why not request a free, no-obligation sample before committing to an order? We’re confident you’ll love the results, so we have no problem offering our work for free.

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