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Audio and Video Services in Santa Ana, California

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Our mission is improving your work with transcription.

If you’re looking for professional transcription services—whether it’s for your recorded lecture notes, a business conference call, or an intensive, hour-long podcast—you’re probably looking for quality. After all, if you didn't care that much about precision in your transcript, you’d just look for a speech recognition program and plug in your audio clip on your own.

At, we offer the transcription services Santa Ana clients are looking for. That includes hundreds of foreign languages, alongside English, of course, as well as a diverse range of accepted content, from audio files, to video clips, to handwritten documents.

We rely heavily on the expertise of our human transcriptionists—even when we use machine transcription to create a foundational transcript. We’re real, experienced humans with a love for all that Santa Ana has to offer, such as Irvine Regional Park or South Coast Plaza. We’re the top transcription service in California—so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Don’t settle for less than the best—order our transcription services today.

​Transcripts for any Santa Ana resident in almost any field.

We value flexibility in accommodating the various needs of our clients. With specialized services for scholars, content creators, medical professionals, and more, clients flock to us from all around Santa Ana. In fact, we serve clients from all over California, the US, and even the world.

  • We believe Santa Ana students and professors deserve the best, and that includes quality academic transcripts. Our transcriptionists are thrilled to assist academics at California Coast University, Veritas International University, Trinity Law School, and more. We can cover content in a wide range of disciplines because we specifically hire transcriptionists with diverse knowledge and expertise in various fields.

  • Santa Ana content creators—whether they’re podcasters or YouTubers—deserve high-quality, accurate transcripts that help them move forward in their fields. We can provide exactly that, with free speaker ID and timestamps thrown in as a bonus! And that’s not all: we offer special services like video captions to help creatives better spread their content around the Internet.

  • High-quality transcription services should be available to everyone in Santa Ana, regardless of language. With us, speakers of more than 500 languages, including French, Japanese, and Yoruba, can take advantage of our top-level transcription offering. If you want to make your foreign-language content more accessible to your fellow Santa Ana residents, we also provide video subtitles.

  • Medical professionals work hard to keep us in Santa Ana safe—so we work hard to provide them with top-notch medical transcription services. We’ve partnered with a leader in the medical transcription industry, and, thanks to their various specialization, healthcare workers in neurology, psychiatry, oncology, and more can enjoy the best medical transcription services in the country.

  • Those who practice law in Santa Ana work tirelessly. Just as the legal profession is difficult, so too is legal transcription—only specialized experts can provide it. To this end, we’ve partnered with a top legal transcription firm that guarantees unwavering accuracy and confidentiality—we’ll introduce you if you reach out.

  • No matter who else you are in Santa Ana, we can help you transcribe your handwritten notes or your audio or video clip. We’re open to working with everyone in Santa Ana.

Why not get the ball rolling today? Place an order for professional transcription.

We value added value.

Having a superb transcription team isn’t what makes us so renowned in the field—that’s expected of a transcription company. What makes us so great is that we go the extra mile, meticulously selecting candidates who demonstrate expertise in other fields, like chemistry, psychology, and philosophy. That’s not all—equipping our team with professional translators and proofreaders also allows us to add extra services that zero in on a client’s precise needs.

Santa Ana has never had a more optimal solution for video transcription, interview transcription, sermon transcription, or any other transcription type. Our professionals are here to help you turn audio and video clips—even complex ones—into crisp, clear, professionally formatted transcripts that help you get ahead. And we do it all at affordable rates that never increase for audio complexity.

Get started now by ordering transcription services.

Let us make one last argument.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, this is where we pull out our secret weapon: free transcription samples! Once you see firsthand what our transcriptionists can do, we’re certain you’ll be eager to place your first paid transcription order.

We’re ready for the test. Start the test by ordering a free transcription sample.

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