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Great Audio and Video Transcription Services in Rochester

Yes, accurate transcription services are right at your fingertips.

Connect with the leading online English and foreign language transcription service in Rochester and beyond. Across this great city, from the George Eastman Museum to the Seneca Park Zoo, serves students, businesspeople, creative professionals, and others, providing high-quality transcripts of audio, video, and handwritten content.

The main reason behind our high standard of quality is our transcriptionists. Besides being actual human beings, they’re experienced and skilled, rising far above any speech-to-text software. Don't misunderstand us: We do think speech recognition technology is useful, but only when paired with a skilled human transcriptionist who can rectify all the errors it's prone to introducing. We provide transcripts of everything from academic presentations to dictated notes. With this team behind us, we can meet any transcription need.

Start today and order transcription.

Are we the right match for your project?

In Rochester, New York, and the rest of the United States, there’s no better option for your audio and video transcription needs. Just send your files and specifications, and we’ll take it from there. We’re confident we can do a great job no matter what academic or professional field you come from.

  • Are you a student at one of Rochester’s many fine schools, such as the University of Rochester or Monroe Community College? We can help by creating transcripts of your recorded class lectures, conferences, and dissertation planning discussions. We’ll even match your order with a transcriptionist familiar with your field of study.

  • Are you a content creator in the Flower City? We can create transcripts of podcasts and YouTube videos, and we even do video captioning. We include free speaker identification and timestamps for every order.

  • Are you a healthcare provider or administrator? Come to us when you need medical transcripts for any department or specialty, such as pediatrics, oncology, or radiology. We have a great partner firm with highly skilled medical transcriptionists who have worked with providers throughout the Rochester area, from Charlotte to Highland Park.

  • Are you a legal professional? We know the importance of accurate transcripts in this field. Another of our partners is a certified legal transcription firm that creates polished transcripts for legal practitioners in Rochester.

  • Are you none of the above and just need a basic draft transcript of your dictated or written notes? We’re here for you, as well.


Put us to the test. Order your transcripts here.

Our experience tells us we’re that good.

Along with transcription skills, our team has a broad range of knowledge in subjects such as economics, history, and biology. When we assign your project to a team member with knowledge of your particular field, you can be assured they’ll understand all the subtle nuances. That attention to detail is something that sets us apart in online transcription services.

In the great city of Rochester, New York, we’re the best option for students, researchers, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and anyone else among the 209,000 good folks living here. Whether your content is in English or one of the dozens of foreign languages we transcribe and translate, we’ll create an accurate professional transcript for you. And we don’t add extra charges for complex content. Our goal is to make transcription as easy as possible for you so you can complete your project on time.

We can start anytime you’re ready! Order your first transcript now.

Let us prove our worth before you buy.

Still not convinced? It’s perfectly understandable to want more proof of quality. That’s why we offer a free sample of our work before you order a full project. Let us show you why we stand out from the rest.

Let’s get started today! Order a no-cost sample.

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