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Get Raleigh’s Best Audio and Video Transcription Services

Looking for the best transcription services in Raleigh, North Carolina?

​If so, then you’ve found them. Here at, we proudly serve prestigious researchers, leading business owners, innovative content creators, and others in Raleigh with our crisp, clean transcripts. Just as we admire the North Carolina Museum of Art and Pullen Park, you can admire the careful workmanship and precision in our transcripts, either in English or one of many foreign languages. Raleigh professionals regularly trust us to transcribe their audio and video material or handwritten content with care, and that’s just what we do.

If you want a less accurate transcript, you can just upload your clip to a speech-recognition program and press “transcribe.” These programs are just algorithms, lacking the all-important component of human intuition, and it shows in machine-produced transcripts full of errors. But it's okay to use these programs if you make sure human professionals carefully check them over—that's how we're able to make our transcription services more efficient without sacrificing quality. We have an unwavering guarantee to devote human resources to every transcription order, so you’ll always have a human expert handling your transcript.

​It’s time to try our transcription services.

Raleigh’s best trust us—no matter their field

When you have a transcription team as expansive and diverse as ours, it’s easy to accommodate the diverse needs of clients all over Raleigh, the large state of North Carolina, and even the entire United States. We’re here to help anyone in Raleigh, no matter why they need transcription.

  • We take great pride in our academic transcription for students and faculty at North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Meredith College. Since our transcriptionists are skilled in various fields, you don’t even have to worry about technical terminology in your recorded conferences, lectures, or discussions.

  • We’re proud to offer special extra features, such as speaker identification tags and timestamps, for free to Raleigh creatives. This is a helpful bonus service as part of our specialized creative transcription services, such as closed captions or podcast transcription, to help you make the most of your transcript.

  • North Carolina is a popular state, and Raleigh, as its capital, is a hotspot for immigrants. Our dedication to serving Raleigh extends to foreign languages, with transcription services available in Malayalam, Hebrew, Catalan, and many more languages. Want subtitles for your video? That’s another service we’re proud to offer.

  • Those who live in Oakwood, Cameron Village, and everywhere else in Raleigh deserve quality medical care, which is why Raleigh healthcare professionals toil so diligently. To do our part, we’ve partnered with a medical transcription firm that specializes in many medical subfields, such as pediatrics, hematology, and immunology. Reach out to us to be connected.

  • High-quality legal transcription services can be hard to come across—after all, most transcriptionists aren’t qualified to do it. But the ones at our legal transcription partner company certainly are, and we’ll happily introduce you if you reach out to us. They’re dedicated to quality and confidentiality no matter the field of law.

  • Raleigh residents who fall outside of these categories need not worry—our transcription services are available to anyone with an audio or video clip or handwritten content!

​Don’t hesitate to send us your file for transcription today!

A carefully selected team of industry experts at your fingertips.

​It’s not bragging to say we’re the best transcription service if it’s true. We rely on our skilled, experienced transcriptionists from around the world to provide top-quality transcripts, no matter the content or language. We’re intentional about hiring transcriptionists knowledgeable in many fields, guaranteeing accuracy even in complicated subjects. We also have teams of translators and proofreaders to add extra value and effortlessly accommodate your unique needs.

​If you’re one of the 474,000+ people in Raleigh, you know you can always trust us for top-notch transcription services. Whether you’re a top academic, a leading business executive, or a famous artist, our transcriptionists have the specialized skills you need to move forward. With transcription services available in more than 500 foreign languages, we offer you the world—all under a fair and transparent pricing scheme.

​Now’s a great time to place an order for transcription services.

Request a free sample today!

​We love providing free samples because it’s rewarding to see how pleased prospective clients are. If you want to be wowed—for free, with no obligations to order afterward—just order a free transcription sample below.

Put our transcriptionists to work with a free sample order today!

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