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Catalan Transcription Services


Finding a high-quality Catalan transcription service can be challenging, especially if your audio contains technical terms or regionalisms. With precision and professionalism, provides top-tier transcripts of Catalan audio and video for businesses and individuals.


For accurate Catalan transcripts, order now.


Catalan Transcripts Produced with Experience


Catalan is spoken by more than 9 million people throughout Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands. In Andorra, Catalan serves as the sole official language. If you’re communicating with audiences in Spain, you may be tempted to use only a Spanish transcription service and call it a day, but that’s not enough!


If you intend to spread your message in the language people in the region use on a daily basis, you need Catalan transcription services. Our transcription experts are ready to transcribe audio and video files with Catalan speech into readable texts in either English or Catalan. We work with businesses, filmmakers, NGOs, and others to spread their messages, and we can help with your project, too.


Transcript Accuracy 100% Guaranteed by Human Experts


Today, machine-made transcripts are increasingly common, but that's not necessarily a bad thing if you have skilled human transcriptionists carefully reviewing all the results. While software can create a good starting point, some transcription services rely on these programs alone, which can lead to disastrous texts that contain errors and confusing messages. At, we do things differently: Our team of transcriptionists is made up of Catalan-language experts who work in a range of fields and specialties, and if we use algorithms to generate an initial transcript, our human experts always pore over it to make sure it accurately reflects the client's audio or video clip.


While machines and amateur transcriptionists might not understand everything, our human transcriptionists can handle audio with idiomatic expressions, unclear speech, slang, and regional accents. We may employ machine transcription as a base, carefully revising the results to ensure a superbly accurate transcript more efficiently. Whatever Catalan audio you send us, we’ll be sure to have it transcribed by someone with matching expertise. This is how we always produce transcripts accurately and reliably.


Delivering Catalan Transcripts with a Flexible Schedule


We understand that all clients have unique needs and schedules. Our team provides transcription services tailored to your project, offering transcripts in either English or Catalan, depending on your audience.


Do you want an accurately and professionally produced Catalan transcript? Our team aims to deliver high-quality transcripts to help your project succeed. We work with our clients to provide a quick and customizable turnaround schedule. Why spend time on anything less than the best? Send us your audio or video today.


Are you in Andorra la Vella, Barcelona, Valencia, Tarragona, or anywhere else? Just send us your audio or video file and receive top-tier Catalan transcription services.


Order today.

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