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Long Beach, California: Best Transcription Services

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Don’t settle for less than the best in transcription services.

​Los Angeles’s ocean playground, Long Beach, is beloved by people from all over the world, and it’s easy to see why, with the stunning Queen Mary floating hotel and Bolsa Chica State Beach, among other attractions. However, not everyone in Long Beach is coming to play—the city is also filled with ambitious, hard-working professionals, researchers, healthcare workers, and more who need reliable transcription services. Cue—we’re here for Long Beach residents who need quality transcripts of their audio recordings, video clips, and handwritten memos, whether in English or a foreign language.

We may leverage the power of automated transcription in our work, but to fulfill our high standards for accuracy, we always have human transcriptionists verify the precision of machine-generated texts. Using machine transcription alone results in ridiculous errors and sloppy work, and it’s certainly not going to cut it if you’re looking for any level of quality—which is why we always have our human transcriptionists carefully revise every transcript we have software generate. For an accurate transcript, you need experienced human transcriptionists who can handle content of any complexity and subject matter in a range of dialects and accents, like the transcriptionists on our team.

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If you’re anyone in Long Beach, we can help you.

When it comes to transcription services, we don’t discriminate. No matter where you’re living in Long Beach—or in California or even the US, for that matter—you’re welcome to order transcription from us. Scholars, entrepreneurs, artists, and more—we can cater to you all.

  • Academic transcription is imperative to the many hardworking scholars at California State University at Long Beach, DeVry University, and Long Beach City College. Turn to us for guaranteed transcript quality thanks to our dedication to match your order to an appropriately qualified expert in your field.

  • If your goal is entertaining Long Beach, you can trust us to help facilitate the process. When you order services like video transcription, podcast transcription, and video captions, we add special extras like identification for each speaker and timestamps for each utterance. You can also order proofreading services to polish your transcript and ensure it’s ready for immediate use.

  • Since people from around the world love Long Beach, many have settled in the city, bringing their languages with them. Speakers of these languages, such as Lithuanian, Gujarati, and Somali, deserve the same level of transcription quality as English speakers, which is why we’re proud to offer transcription in over 500 languages. Additionally, we offer foreign-language subtitles as a service.

  • Medical professionals in specialties like psychiatry, immunology, and hematology work hard all across Long Beach, from Downtown Long Beach to Belmont Shore–Naples. We want to support the health profession, so we’ve struck a partnership with a medical transcription company ready to work with Long Beach healthcare workers of all subfields.

  • Long Beach lawyers are hard workers—but sometimes they struggle to find a reliable legal transcription service. We’ve done the searching for you—we’ve partnered with a leading legal transcription agency passionate about helping practitioners of different areas of the law. You can expect quality and confidentiality from our partners.

  • Everyone else in Long Beach is equally welcome to place a transcription order—if you have an audio or video clip (or a handwritten document), we’re here to transcribe it.

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Only the best transcriptionists for Long Beach residents

​We stand out from other transcription companies thanks to our focus on supplementary skills. We hire only top transcriptionists, of course, but we also pay attention to our team members’ knowledge in other fields so that we can provide tailored, precise transcription services to clients in any field.

​We’re passionate about helping Long Beach and the 454,000+ people who live in the city. Our offer extends to researchers, businesspeople, artists, healthcare workers, legal professionals, and anyone else in need of transcription, whether in English or one of more than 500 other languages. No matter what your content is, we’re eager to help, and we’ll never charge extra for complicated audio. With us, you get a simple and fair pricing model.

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​Not ready to just dive in? Test the waters first! Feel free to order a free transcription sample! We make them available to all first-time clients so they can feel comfortable placing a paid order after. There’s no obligation to do so, but most clients do after experiencing our quality.

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