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Lithuanian Transcription Services


We’re proud of our history of providing clients with accurate and reliable Lithuanian transcription services. No matter the subject of your audio or video files, our team is ready for the challenge of making sure your transcripts match your needs.


Order your Lithuanian transcripts today.


Lithuanian Transcriptionists with Experience and Ability


Although none of the Baltic languages is particularly large, Lithuanian is the largest. With more than three million speakers, it’s both the official language of Lithuania and a language of the European Union. If you want to expand the audience of your audio and video materials, can help. With years of experience, we can support your project whether you want to improve your SEO or provide closed captioning for viewers.


Humans Partnering with Machines Results in Faster Yet Equally Accurate Transcripts


As impressive as voice recognition software has become, it’s still no substitute for human transcriptionists. Less reliable agencies depend fully on machine transcription, but it comes with problems: These programs often churn out awkward texts full of mistakes, which can turn people away from your message. We may use speech-to-text technology too, since it can make transcription work considerably more efficient, but we make sure all our transcripts are carefully reviewed by human professionals, so quality is never an issue. 


By working with human transcriptionists who know Lithuanian like the back of their hand, we ensure your Lithuanian transcripts remain faithful to your original audio or video. Our experts also know how to deal with poor audio quality and are familiar with professional and technical terminology. Naturally, we can also work with colloquial speech and any dialect, such as Samogitian, Suvalkiečiai, or Dzūkai.


Providing You with Customized Lithuanian Transcripts


How do you want your transcript formatted? Do you want it to be in Lithuanian, or do you need an English translation? will craft your transcripts according to your specifications. Additionally, our transcriptionists have backgrounds in legal, medical, and academic work and beyond, so we can handle material in specialized fields.


For anyone who values quality and reliability, the choice is clear. Our team is dedicated to providing you with confidential, customizable, and reliable Lithuanian transcription services, and with our experience, we do it all with the utmost quality and attention to detail.


We offer services to clients across the globe. Whether you have material from Vilnius, Kaunas, or Klaipėda or are in London, Moscow, or Chicago, we can support your project. Simply send us your audio or video files to get started.


Order today.

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