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Audio and Video Transcriptionists Serving Lincoln, Nebraska

Get access to the best transcription service in Lincoln.

At, we’re proud to provide our top-class transcription services to the good people of Lincoln, Nebraska. We know this city is full of researchers, content creators, businesspeople, doctors, lawyers, and others who rely on accurate transcripts to move forward, and we want to be there for them throughout the entire transcription process.

That’s why we’ve put together a team that can respond to all sorts of transcription needs, including foreign-language transcription and text-to-text transcription. Lincoln is a beautiful city, with destinations like Pioneers Park Nature Center and the Sunken Gardens, and we want to contribute our own form of beauty—professionally formatted transcripts.

Our team consists of trained human transcriptionists—that’s how you know you can trust our quality guarantee. This sets us apart from some of our competitors, who use speech-recognition programs to complete their work, resulting in abundant errors which they don't have human experts correct. Whenever we use programs like that, we make sure our human transcriptionists carefully evaluate the results, with access to the original audio or video clip to ensure the utmost accuracy.

You can take the first step by ordering a transcript now.

Lincoln clients can expect top service—no matter who they are.

Clients all across Lincoln come to us for their transcription needs. We’ve worked with academics, businesspeople, artists, and more—because we have the specialized transcription services each group is looking for. This has made us popular all over Nebraska and even the US more broadly.

  • Academic transcription can do wonders for students and professors at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Nebraska Wesleyan University, and Union College, among other Lincoln schools. We take great care with your recorded conference clips or handwritten lecture notes, entrusting your order to a subject-matter expert.

  • Entertainment transcription is a powerful way for artists and marketers to get more out of their content. If you need a podcast or YouTube video transcribed, we’ll add speaker identification and timestamps for free. If you want to up the accessibility of your videos, we can add captions. If you want to publish your transcript immediately, we can have our proofreading team check it over.

  • Foreign-language transcription is a common need among the non-native English speakers in Lincoln’s academic, business, and creative circles—but most transcription firms only offer English. We’re different, because we offer dozens of languages, from Hebrew to Khmer to Bosnian. We can transcribe your clip, translate it into an English transcript, or make subtitles for your video—we’re flexible.

  • Medical transcription is common for health practitioners, but it can be hard to find transcriptionists specialized in surgery, hematology, psychiatry, and other subfields. Not to worry—our medical transcription partners are highly trained in a range of areas and are dedicated to serving healthcare workers all over Lincoln, from Downtown Lincoln to Bethany.

  • Legal transcription is a tricky field—in order to craft legal transcripts, you need a firm knowledge of the legal profession and the myriad technical terms within it. That’s why we partnered with a top-ranked legal transcription company—they transcribe everything from depositions to sworn testimonies for Lincoln lawyers, always with a guarantee of confidentiality.

  • Any other type of transcription is equally valid. Just reach out to us with your audio, video, or handwritten documents to get started!

We’re waiting for your files—order now, and we’ll get started!

You’ve never seen a transcription team like ours.

We believe we have the best transcription team in the United States. That’s a big claim, but we have the talent to back it up. We’ve searched around the world to find our experts, and they shine across various areas of transcription, bringing the additional expertise in other subjects necessary to tackle jargon and technical language.

As a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, you’re one of more than 290,000 people who can take advantage of’s top-quality transcription offerings. You can order transcription—academic, business, creative, or anything else—in more than 500 languages. You can even order translation or proofreading on the side if you wish. Our prices are competitive, fair, and transparent, with no hidden fees.

Order transcription services today.

Want to see our work first?

We’re offering you a unique chance to test out our work before ordering a full, paid sample. You can order a no-cost sample with no obligations, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of this offer!

Let us show you what we’re made of—order now.

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