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Konkani Transcription Services


With more than 450 languages spoken within its borders, India’s linguistic landscape encompasses a lot more than just Hindi. While many of the languages spoken in the northern portion of the country are related to Hindi, they remain proud, unique, independent languages with their own communities, cultures, and customs. India has designated 22 of its languages as official, “scheduled” languages, and that includes Konkani. At, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our Konkani transcription services.

It's your chance to order Konkani transcription services now!

Count On Our Team for Top-Notch Konkani Transcription Services

Tucked away in the western Indian state of Goa, the country’s smallest state by area, you’ll find the proud language of Konkani spoken by around 2 million people as a native language. Approximately 66% of Goa’s inhabitants speak Konkani as their first language, with minorities speaking Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, and Urdu, among others. Additional Konkani native speakers can be found in nearby states such as Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.

Konkani belongs to the Indo–European language family, making it related to Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati but not Kannada or Malayalam, Dravidian languages spoken in Karnataka and Kerala. However, Konkani’s close proximity to these major languages has resulted in significant Dravidian influence on the language’s grammar and structure. Konkani employs a subject-object-verb word order, which is common among major Indian languages, and features five noun cases, although two are only partially present in the language. Konkani represents a unique blend of Indo–European and Dravidian languages, and since our Konkani transcriptionists are native speakers, they can seamlessly navigate the challenges of this precious tongue. That applies whether they’re delivering your transcript in Konkani or translated into English.

The Power of Technology to Elevate Our Konkani Transcription Services

Transcribing Konkani audio or video clips isn’t easy. As transcription AI technology advances, it can generate increasingly better transcripts in Konkani and other languages—but it just can’t match the quality and accuracy of professional human transcriptionists. But we still like this technology, because it constitutes a fantastic tool for us to add value to our transcription services. Indeed, speech-to-text software offers an unparalleled opportunity to produce transcripts faster than ever—without compromising on quality.

How can we ensure quality even when we use speech-recognition programs? Simple—we only use such programs as a base. We then have our experienced Konkani transcriptionists carefully scrutinize the entire transcript, meticulously ensuring that every single word matches the content in your Konkani audio or video recording. This way, you get the same quality you expect from us—just at a fraction of the speed. Of course, we always offer entirely human-generated transcription services as well if you prefer.

Individualize Your Konkani Transcription Services for Your Project

Are you active in the sphere of academia? Perhaps you’re cruising along in the business world. Or you could be producing interesting entertainment content for the people of Goa and beyond to enjoy. Whatever you’re doing, our Konkani transcription team is eager to help. We’ve hired native Konkani speakers from all over Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, and Gujarat, covering a wide range of dialects, and we work with experts from a huge array of fields, which means we can cater to clients whose projects touch on esoteric subjects.

Another area that we excel in is navigating the challenges that can arise in transcription due to, for example, low-quality audio, a background full of noise, or people talking over one another in a recording. Amateurs may also struggle to accurately transcribe interlocutors who aren’t speaking clearly or who are talking in nonstandard dialects. But when you order Konkani transcription services from, you’re working with seasoned experts. We’re experienced with such issues and know how to craft a top-quality, professional transcript despite whatever obstacles we may face.

So, whether you’re from Panaji, Bangalore, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Gandhinagar, or somewhere else in the Konkan region, we welcome clients and recordings from anywhere in the world—so just reach out!

Our Konkani transcriptionists are waiting for your order—place one now!

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