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The Best Audio and Video Transcription Services in Kansas City

Kansas City

Finding great English transcription made easy

All across Kansas City, from the Kansas City Zoo to the American Jazz Museum, the professionals at are working with educational institutes, private businesses, and individuals to turn English and foreign-language audio, video, and written material into outstanding digital transcripts.

We know that the human touch, not speech-to-text software, makes for the best, most accurate transcription process. We also know that speech-to-text software is much faster than humans could ever be, so using such programs to generate a "rough draft" that our human transcriptionists then shape into an accurate transcript is a favorite approach of ours. Our professionals have the knowledge, skills, training, and experience to create polished transcripts in a timely manner, whether from scratch or with the assistance of technology.

Whether you need transcription in the field of business, law, religion, science, or any other discipline, our professionals have the precise skills required. Simply put, our people know their stuff.

Start today and order transcription.

Whoever you are, we can provide the best transcription services for you.

We’re here to serve the great people in the Gateway to the Southwest. We’d love for you to be among those who’ve benefited from our high-quality audio and video transcription services.

  • Students, perhaps you’re studying at the University of Missouri–Kansas City or the Kansas City Art Institute. You may need a transcript of your recorded lectures and discussions, especially for your dissertation. For academic transcription, we always assign a transcriptionist with knowledge in that field of study.

  • K.C. content creators, maybe you need video transcripts or captions. For you, we’ll include speaker identification and timestamps at no extra cost.

  • Medical practitioners in the City of Fountains, you may need transcription in your specialized field, such as surgery, internal medicine, or urology. We have a valued partner with highly skilled medical transcriptionists who have worked closely with K.C. providers from Midtown to Downtown.

  • Legal professionals, you need reliable, highly trained transcriptionists who adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality. For you, we’ve teamed up with a certified legal transcription firm that can deliver the type of polished transcripts that are invaluable to your work.

  • For everyone from all walks of life, we can quickly turn your personal notes, whether handwritten or dictated, into an initial draft. And we’re more than happy to do that for you at a reasonable cost.

Send us your files, and we’ll take care of the rest. Order your transcripts now.

We are good at what we do—in fact, we’re very good.

When you have some of the best transcriptionists on your team, it’s hard not to brag. We have tremendous people with a broad range of knowledge in subjects such as history, computer science, and physics. And we take care to match your audio or video files with a transcriptionist who has expertise in your field. In other words, we’re setting the standard for transcription services in Kansas City and beyond.

The great city of Kansas City boasts thousands of hardworking people. Among those are researchers, students, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and others we serve with our transcription and translation services in more than 500 languages. We have a simple pricing structure that doesn’t increase with the complexity of your files. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Now is the time to start. Order transcription services now.

Need more evidence?

We understand if you want to “look under the hood” and check us out further. Click below to learn how to receive a free sample of our services. We’re more than happy to rev our engine a little and show you how smoothly we run.

Order a no-obligation, no-cost sample now.

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