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Services for Transcription in Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro residents now have easy access to high-quality transcription services.

​All across Greensboro, people have good reasons for transcribing their audio files, video clips, and even handwritten notes. They may be students who want more organized lecture notes as they put together their dissertation, business leaders who need a clear, crisp retelling of a focus group, or content creators who want closed captions on their video. They may want transcripts in English or hundreds of other languages—after all, many immigrants settle in Greensboro. But no matter what, they want quality.

​With, quality is what they find. We’re careful in our work, relying entirely on our human transcriptionists, even if we use automated transcription programs as a tool to speed up the job. With our human professionals carefully checking the output, we can easily retain our unwavering quality guarantee. We create transcripts that advance our clients’ goals, saving them effort and freeing up more time for them to enjoy the wonders of Greensboro—from Guilford Courthouse to Greensboro Arboretum.

You can order your first transcript here.

Our services are tailored to your needs.

​Greensboro is big and diverse—we know. It contains a multitude of different transcription clients from various backgrounds. But we have a diverse and flexible transcription team that’s able to accommodate the needs of clients all over Greensboro, North Carolina, and the whole United States.

  • We offer academic transcription services to the hardworking students, researchers, and professors at schools like the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro College, and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. We’re careful to hire subject-matter experts in everything from computer science to sociology, so you can always rest assured of our quality.

  • We offer entertainment transcription services to the creative artists, content creators, and marketers around Greensboro, North Carolina. No matter what you create, whether it’s Vimeo videos or video games, you can benefit from quality transcription with speaker identification and timestamps—which we throw in for free! We can also make closed captions for videos. As an extra service, you can also have our proofreading team look over the finished transcript for quality assurance.

  • We provide medical transcription services to the hardworking medical professionals in Greensboro, whether they work in anesthesiology, urology, or obstetrics to keep us all healthy and safe. We have a leading partner in the medical transcription industry, and their experts guarantee unwavering quality for healthcare workers in Downtown Greensboro, Lake Jeanette, and beyond.

  • We provide top-notch legal transcription services to the many legal professionals serving Greensboro. We know legal transcription can be hard to come by, which is why we’ve partnered with an industry leader. If you want an introduction, all you have to do is reach out to us. Our partners guarantee confidentiality in all their work.

  • We serve so many others across Greensboro as well. If you have a video clip, an audio file, or handwritten content that you need transcribed, we’re your team.

​There’s no time like the present to order our transcription services.

We only hire the best transcriptionists we can find.

​Since we search far and wide, scouring the entire planet, we manage to find some of the best transcriptionists in the world. Our global search allows us to represent many different dialects and accents—not to mention languages—but that’s not all we look for. We specifically hire transcriptionists who know other fields, because that means they can tailor their transcription work for clips with dense, technical language.

​In the great North Carolinian city of Greensboro, with close to 300,000 residents, there’s almost unlimited demand for high-quality transcripts. With people in academia, business, content creation, and more needing crisp, professionally formatted transcripts to further their goals, the only sensible option is to turn to We promise quality and accuracy—all under a simple and affordable price scheme.

Place an order for your first transcript now.

See us in action.

​There are a lot of transcription services out there, and it’s hard to know which one is best for you. We invite you to order a free, no-obligation sample to see if we meet your standards—it’s quick, easy, and free.

​Check us out for free—get your free sample here.

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