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Wolof Transcription Services

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Nearly every African country is overflowing with linguistic diversity, with a wealth of indigenous languages used by large, vigorous communities of native speakers. To function at a national level, most countries designate a lingua franca, but at the community level, most people speak their local language. In Senegal, French is codified as the country’s official language, but in practice, Wolof often functions as the lingua franca. Here at, we’ve introduced transcription services for Wolof, and we’re proud to present them today.

You can order Wolof transcription services now—what are you waiting for?

Experience the Internet’s Best Wolof Transcription Services With Us

Roughly 36% of Senegal’s population is ethnically Wolof, making them the biggest ethnic group in the West African country—and, accordingly, Wolof is the largest native language in the country. Given Wolof’s common usage as a lingua franca, most other Senegalese residents learn Wolof as a second language. Additional native speakers of Wolof can be found in the nearby countries of the Gambia and Mauritania. It’s estimated that Wolof has roughly 5.4 million native speakers.

Wolof comes from the Niger–Congo language family, which stretches over most of Africa and includes the massive Bantu subfamily of central and southern Africa. But Wolof isn’t from the Bantu branch—rather, it hails from the Senegambian branch and stands as one of the few Niger–Congo languages that isn’t tonal. In Wolof, verbs cannot be conjugated—instead, pronouns are inflected to indicate the tense or aspect of an action. This means Wolof has a large inventory of pronouns, with different pronouns representing intersecting categories of person, verbal tense and aspect, and grammatical focus. Sound complicated? It is—but not for our native-speaking Wolof transcriptionists, who boast an impeccable understanding of all the nuances of Wolof. That’s why they’re able to provide such pinpoint Wolof transcripts—either in their native Wolof or translated into English.

How Technology Enables Us to Deliver Better Wolof Transcripts

Some people are skeptical about the use of speech-recognition software in transcription—but as professional human transcriptionists, we welcome the development of this fascinating technology. While these programs don’t provide the level of accuracy necessary for a professional-grade transcript, they do function as incredible tools to help professional transcriptionists like our team members produce great transcripts in a fraction of the time. So, we like to use such software as an added tool—but always with the careful oversight of our experienced human transcriptionists.

Particularly for underserved languages like Wolof, it’s critical to have human transcriptionists pore over every detail of a machine-generated transcript to ensure quality and precision. Wolof lacks the resources of larger languages like French or Arabic, and automated transcription programs are prone to errors even in these languages. But with the meticulous quality assurance of our Wolof transcriptionists, you can count on high quality from us every time—whether you opt for post-machine transcription editing or entirely human-generated transcription services.

Wolof Transcripts the Way You Want—Your Wish Is Our Command

There’s no limit to the reasons you might require Wolof transcription services, whether you’re an academic researcher, business executive, content producer, or someone in another domain. Your needs are likely similarly varied. Your Wolof audio or video recording may contain esoteric language that people from outside your field would struggle to understand, or it may be spoken in a nonstandard dialect that demands a transcriptionist with experience in that variant of Wolof. We have you covered—our Wolof transcription team is flexible and diverse, with specialists in all sorts of fields, hailing from all over Senegal, the Gambia, and Mauritania, eager to serve you.

Perhaps your Wolof-language recording presents some challenges for a transcriptionist, like multiple speakers, unclear speech, background noise, or heavy use of slang expressions. That’s okay—our transcriptionists have the experience necessary to provide top-quality transcripts even for audio or video clips that contain these issues. So, no matter the dialect or content of your Wolof recording, send it our way. We welcome clients and clips from Dakar, Banjul, Nouakchott, Touba, Pikine, Kaolack, M’bour, Rufisque, Ziguinchor, or any other locale in West Africa or, indeed, this wide world of ours.

Level up your Wolof-language project today with world-class transcripts—order now!

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