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Vietnamese Subtitling Services (SRT Files)

Grow your Vietnamese audience with subtitles.

Given the vast number of languages in this world (more than 7000!), you can’t reach all potential viewers with English alone. English may be considered the language of international communication, but the truth is that only 13% of the world’s population speaks it. This means subtitles are unavoidable if you want to grow your international audience. And, for that, SRT files are your best bet.

If you want to maximize your international reach, we at can help. We offer SRT file subtitles in many different languages, one of which is Vietnamese. Thanks to the vast experience of our Vietnamese translators, we can carefully and faithfully translate your content from English to Vietnamese, taking the various cultural differences that may arise into account. We’re happy to help you localize your TV show, film, documentary, online video, and more into Vietnamese, offering Vietnamese viewers a high-quality experience. And don’t worry about the implementation of the SRT files—it’s quick and easy!

Wondering about the cost of Vietnamese SRT file subtitles? Contact us for a free quote!

Vietnamese subtitles can dramatically expand your audience.

Vietnamese may not be a large country in terms of area, but it still packs more than 96 million people in its 331,000 square kilometers. Although there are some minority ethnic groups with their own languages among the population, most Vietnamese people speak the national language, Vietnamese, so adding Vietnamese SRT files to your video content exposes you to a large new audience.

But don’t forget about Vietnam’s deaf and hard-of-hearing community, who number in the millions! They can also take advantage of your Vietnamese subtitles. In fact, they may be quite appreciative, as they have limited access to native Vietnamese content without closed captions. Your Vietnamese SRT subtitles act as an apt substitute for closed captions with almost all the same benefits. Subtitles are also useful for all the people watching videos on their phones in public who didn’t break headphones and don’t wish to disturb others. In this way, Vietnamese SRT files give you access to demographics you may not have initially considered.

Invest in high-quality Vietnamese subtitles for maximum profit.

Vietnamese is the star of the Austroasiatic language family—with over 76 million speakers, it has more than seven times the number of speakers of Khmer, the second-largest Austroasiatic language. Its homeland, naturally, is Vietnam, but Vietnamese is also native to China’s Dongxing and Guangxi provinces. It also has a large, worldwide diaspora, with Vietnamese communities in the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and beyond.

Vietnam’s low English proficiency highlights the necessity of subtitles to reach this audience. For the best results, you need to invest in quality, which means hiring experienced, professional Vietnamese SRT file providers. After all, Vietnamese’s grammar is dramatically different from that of English, including its optional use of tense markers, so accurate translation can be difficult for amateurs.

We’re your go-to team for quality Vietnamese SRT subtitles.

If you’re looking for quality in your Vietnamese subtitles—and we know you are—then we’d like to introduce you to our skilled Vietnamese subtitlers. They come from all corners of Vietnam, bringing with them experience working on diverse types of subtitling projects. They’re passionate about helping content creators reach audiences in their native land and work hard to provide accurate, engaging subtitles, even when your video contains technical subject matter (including medical fields like hematology) or slang expressions.

We want you to succeed in Vietnam. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating high-quality Vietnamese SRT files you can rely on. If you want to grow a fan base in Vietnam, all you have to do is contact us. We’re waiting to discuss your Vietnamese SRT file needs.

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