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Great Audio and Video Transcription Services in Richmond

Transcription services by real transcriptionists, right here

Even in this age of artificial intelligence, students, businesses, agencies, and many others across the historic city of Richmond, from Broad Street to West Franklin Street and beyond, count on for accurate transcripts of their audio, video, and handwritten content.

It's well known that speech-to-text software produces subpar results, but if you have the professional human transcriptionists to fix them up, they're actually a remarkably useful tool. Our professionals are experienced, skilled, and dedicated to producing accurate transcripts of your content, even if a program generated the first draft. Make it easy on yourself and let one of our great transcriptionists take care of your content so you can focus on higher priorities.

Get started today and order transcription.

We’re confident we can meet your transcription needs.

We’re here to serve the great people of Richmond, Virginia. We’d love for you to be among those who’ve benefited from our high-quality audio and video transcription services.

  • If you work or study at Virginia Commonwealth University, John Tyler Community College, or any of the other fine colleges in Richmond, you can rely on us for transcripts of recorded lectures, conferences, and group discussions for your dissertation. We’ll make sure your project is assigned to a transcriptionist familiar with your field of study.

  • If you’re a professional content creator, you can count on us for projects like video transcripts or captions. Timestamps and speaker ID are available at no extra charge for content creators in the Capital of the South.

  • If your content is in a foreign language and you need it transcribed or even translated into English, we’re here for you. Our team has transcribed countless hours of audio and video in more than 500 languages, such as French and Spanish, and we can also produce video subtitles.

  • If you’re in the healthcare industry in the River City, you may need medical transcripts of video and audio in specialties such as neurology, hematology, oncology, and more. We’ve formed a partnership with an excellent medical transcription firm with a skilled staff who can serve your particular needs.

  • If you’re in the legal field, you’ll need a transcriptionist with a background in legal language. We partner with a certified legal transcription firm that produces polished and accurate transcripts for legal professionals north and south of the James River.

  • If you simply need transcripts of your audio, video, or handwritten notes, we’ll produce a quality first-draft transcript for you.

Send us your audio or video content, and relax. Order your transcripts now.

We’re pretty darn good at what we do.

We have a transcription team made up of smart, talented people with backgrounds in a range of subjects, so we’ll match your project with a transcriptionist who has knowledge of your field. In short, we set the standard for transcription services.

Among the nearly 225,000 people in Richmond, students, researchers, creative content producers, and many more rely on us for great service, whether in English or one of the many languages we transcribe and translate. Even if your content is complex, we follow the same simple pricing structure. Our goal is to make getting accurate transcripts as easy as possible.

Are you ready? Order your first transcript.

If you’re not yet convinced…

As a content creator or business professional in Richmond, you may want more proof of our skills. We’ll do that with a free sample of our work. Just click below to learn the details.

Order a no-cost sample.

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