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Audio and Video Transcription in New Orleans

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It’s time to see why we’re the most trusted transcription service in New Orleans.

​ is the number one transcription company on the web, serving New Orleans clients far and wide. We’re proud of the value we bring to New Orleanians of all backgrounds—whether they’re researchers, business owners, content creators, or anyone else. From the marshy wonders of City Park to the bright lights and vibrant atmosphere of the famous French Quarter, we stand ready to assist New Orleanians in all their transcription needs, in English, French, and more than 500 other languages.

Whether you send us an audio clip, video file, or handwritten documents, you can rest assured that it’ll be overseen by a professional human transcriptionist. Whether that means a human fully creates your transcript from scratch or carefully checks and corrects the transcript a software program created, all transcription orders with us come with a 100% quality guarantee. We know that when it comes to transcription, robots are no match for human experts, except in terms of speed—so using machine-generated transcripts as a base, with human professionals checking for accuracy, gives you the best of both worlds. So, if you order transcription services from us, you’ll have the best computer working for you—the human brain.

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Transcription services tailored to your individual needs.

New Orleans is a vibrant, diverse city, and its people have many different reasons for ordering transcription services. But we’re in a position to help all of them, and we’re up for the challenge. No matter who you are in New Orleans, or the whole US, you can count on us.

  • New Orleans post-secondary institutes like the University of New Orleans, Tulane University, and Loyola University New Orleans attract bright minds from across the state and country. These students and professors can rely on our academic transcriptionists to help them craft professionally formatted transcripts of their recorded lectures, group conversations, or conferences. We’ll only allow transcriptionists with specialized knowledge in your field to transcribe your material.

  • New Orleans has a creative soul, particularly in the vibrant French Quarter. Enchanted by the magical atmosphere, we’re passionate about helping artists from the city shine with high-quality transcripts. That’s why we offer services, like video captioning, which help extend your content’s reach. Timestamps and speaker identification come free with creative transcripts.

  • Who doesn’t love New Orleans? Immigrants from around the world flock to the city, bringing their native languages—Turkish, Romanian, Kurdish, and many more. Luckily for you, our transcriptionists cover more than 500 languages, and we provide both foreign-language transcription and translation. You can also order video subtitles from us.

  • New Orleanians from the French Quarter to Garden District are kept healthy and safe thanks to the hard work of the city’s medical professionals. Often, health workers require transcripts to advance in their work, whether it’s in hematology, pediatrics, or psychiatry. We make medical transcription easy to access thanks to our partnership with a leading medical transcription agency—they’re seasoned experts with abundant experience ready to help you with medical transcripts.

  • Lawyers in New Orleans know it can be hard to pin down the right legal transcription service. After all, most transcriptionists can’t handle the dense, technical language of the law. But the transcriptionists at our legal transcription partner company certainly can. You can count on them for reliable and confidential legal transcription services.

  • If you have an audio or video clip—or some handwritten notes—we can serve you too. We’re here for everyone in New Orleans!

​Order a transcript now so you have more time to get out and enjoy New Orleans.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our transcription team.

​Our mission is to build the best transcription team on the web, and we’re always searching for the best transcriptionists to add to our team. Our team members are passionate about transcription and knowledgeable in their respective fields, enabling them to transcribe technically complicated content. They’re also familiar with a number of dialects and accents and can handle poor-quality audio clips.

​What it all comes down to is an unwavering ability to serve the nearly 390,000 people who call New Orleans home. Though they have diverse transcription needs, hailing from the business world, the academic sphere, and the creative industry, our team is just as diverse and caters to all of them equally. Our services are available in English and a range of other languages, and our prices are fair and competitive—we’re an all-around great deal for transcription services.

​Reap the benefits of transcription—order now!

We offer free samples.

​We love showing new clients just how great our transcriptionists are. If you want a sample of our work before paying for an order, just request a free sample. We’ll transcribe a portion of a clip of your choice, and you’ll see our phenomenal skills.

Order your free transcription sample.

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