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K’iche’ Transcription Services

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The beautiful mosaic of world languages is much more colorful than most people realize. It’s common knowledge that Guatemala is a Spanish-speaking country, but Spanish is far from the only language spoken in the Central American country. Though Spanish is the dominant language in Guatemala, used in government, education, and media, nearly half of Guatemalans speak an indigenous language—usually a Mayan language—as their mother tongue. And the biggest one is K’iche’—which we here at proudly offer professional transcription services for.

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Proudly Providing Reliable K’iche’ Transcription Services

Contrary to popular belief, Mayan is not a single language but rather an entire language family consisting of some 30-odd distinct languages collectively spoken by around 6 million people today. K’iche’, the largest living language of the family, boasts around 1.1 million native speakers concentrated in the Quetzaltenango, Quiché, Retalhuleu, Sololá, Suchitepéquez, and Totonicapán departments of the Guatemalan central highlands.

Like many other Mayan languages, K’iche’ exhibits a default word order of verb-object-subject, but K’iche’ speakers frequently use the verb-subject-object, subject-object-verb, and subject-verb-object word orders interchangeably. Another feature K’iche’ shares with other Mayan languages is its ergative alignment, which grammatically pairs intransitive subjects with transitive objects. A unique feature of K’iche’ is its tendency to use a lower pitch when talking to children, whereas most world languages use a higher pitch in babytalk. In K’iche’, a higher pitch is usually used to address people of high status, resulting in this unique idiosyncrasy. We hire native speakers for our K’iche’ transcription team, so you don’t have to worry about navigating the grammatical or cultural intricacies of this Mayan language—whether you’re looking for a pure K’iche’ transcript or a translation of the transcript into English, our team is here to help.

The Power of Technology in K’iche’ Transcription Services

​As technology grows increasingly more advanced and develops ever more capabilities, it’s vital to adapt to our ever-changing world. That’s the attitude we take toward automated transcription technology. These programs don’t work as replacements for human transcriptionists, as they simply can’t deliver the quality you can expect from the trained human transcriptionists on our K’iche’ transcription team. But they do work as wonderful tools for our human experts, since they allow us to generate the same high-quality transcripts we’re known for much more quickly.

Even though K’iche’ stands as one of the biggest Mayan languages, it lacks the resources that bigger languages, like Spanish, Portuguese, or French, have, which means automated K’iche’ transcription software just can’t deliver the same results as for larger languages. That’s why it’s all the more important for our experienced human transcriptionists to pore over the results of any automatically generated K’iche’ transcripts, correcting all the errors we find within. We guarantee unwavering quality in all our transcripts, whether we use speech-recognition software or not. But the choice is always yours.

A Flexible K’iche’ Transcription Team to Field Any Specifications

Whether you’re coming to us for K’iche’ transcription for academic, corporate, creative, or personal purposes, our team is eager to help you. We hire K’iche’ transcription specialists from all over Guatemala who represent different K’iche’ dialects, and since many of them are trained in other fields, they can also navigate technical jargon in a range of disciplines. We can also provide English translation—simply tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the right team members to assist you.

You may be concerned that we won’t be able to transcribe your K’iche’ audio or video clip if it contains a lot of background noise, features multiple speakers sometimes talking simultaneously, or includes poor enunciation that can be difficult to understand. But our K’iche’ transcriptionists are experienced experts who know how to handle these sorts of transcription issues. Dialects, slang expressions, technical jargon—those are no problem for our team either. So, why not send us your K’iche’ audio or video recordings from Quetzaltenango, Santa Cruz del Quiché, Retalhuleu, Sololá, Mazatenango, Totonicapán, or another city in Guatemala—or the world? Our team is ready to help!

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