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Top Audio and Video Transcription Services in Halifax, Nova Scotia

We bring you the best transcription services in Atlantic Canada.

​Haligonians, if you’re looking for the best transcription services in Nova Scotia, you don’t have to look any further than We lead the online transcription industry, offering top-quality transcripts in English as well as a number of foreign languages. This means we’re well equipped to serve Halifax’s diverse population. We can also cater to the numerous scholars, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and content creators sprawled across Canada’s primary Atlantic city. All along the Halifax Waterfront and all the way up Citadel Hill, you can count on our transcription services.

​You can count on us to consistently produce high-quality transcripts tailored to meet your specific requirements. You can count on our transcriptionists to expertly navigate even poor audio quality and technical subject matter, since they’re seasoned transcription experts with knowledge in various other fields. You can count on us to draw on human expertise to carefully revise any machine-generated transcripts we may use—the technology is a great way to speed up transcription services, but it's useless without a human expert reviewing the results. You can count on us to craft the transcripts you need to succeed, whether you have a video file, an audio clip, or even handwritten content.

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We cover all of Halifax’s transcription needs.

People from across Halifax have diverse needs for transcription, and our team is positioned to help them all. That’s why clients from all fields—academia, business, law, and more—from all over Halifax, elsewhere in Nova Scotia, and elsewhere in Canada turn to us.

  • Nova Scotia is a university hotspot, with Halifax boasting such prestigious schools as Dalhousie University, Saint Mary’s University, and Mount Saint Vincent University. If you’re a student or faculty member at one of these schools, we’d love to help you transcribe your recordings of your lectures, conferences, or academic discussions. Don’t worry—we’ll make sure your transcriptionist is intimately familiar with your field.

  • Halifax is a creative city, with many artists and content creators forging names for themselves. If you’re one of them, allow us to help you with professional transcription services. From podcast transcription to closed captioning services, our transcripts can add value to your creations. And they come with free timestamps and speaker identification tags should you want them.

  • Many Haligonians speak a language other than English at home. If you’re one of them, you’re just as welcome to take advantage of our transcription services in your native language as your native English-speaking peers. Whether you speak Arabic, Italian, or Burmese, you can choose from our more than 500 languages. And if you want subtitles for your videos, we can happily provide those too.

  • From the QEII to the IWK, Halifax is full of hospitals, which, in turn, are full of hardworking healthcare professionals. To support their tireless work in surgery, internal medicine, oncology, and more, they often require accurate medical transcription services. We’ve partnered with a leading medical transcription company, so whether you’re in South End or Downtown, our partners have you covered.

  • Lawyers in Halifax work hard to serve their clients, and sometimes that means commissioning high-quality legal transcription services. If you’re looking for a legal transcription company that meets your needs, consider our legal transcription partner, a veteran in the field. Contact us, and we’ll set you up.

  • Of course, there are many more in Halifax who may need transcription services. From audio recordings to handwritten documents, anyone in Halifax can have their transcription needs fulfilled through us.

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Here’s why Haligonians trust us.

​Our transcriptionists are the best of the best thanks to our tireless efforts to seek out the industry’s top experts. Our strict screening process ensures only the best make it onto our team. We favour candidates who are also experts in other fields so that they can easily transcribe complicated and esoteric content, allowing us to tailor our transcription services to your individual needs.

​The economic and cultural capital of Atlantic Canada, HRM commands a population of more than 400,000, and we’re confident we can provide tailored transcription services to everyone in HRM who needs it. We’re passionate about working for Halifax clients and providing them with the highest-quality transcripts in all of Canada. The best part is our fair and simple pricing model, which never increases for complicated subject matter.

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There’s no shortage of online transcription companies, and it can be hard to find the right one for your project. But you don’t have to gamble—order a free sample, and you can see risk free why we’re your best choice.

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