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Guaraní Transcription Services

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The Americas are far more linguistically diverse than most people realize. Historically, North and South America were filled with disparate ethnolinguistic groups that practiced their own cultures and spoke their own languages, but now the Americas are dominated by European colonial languages. However, hundreds of indigenous languages are still spoken across the Americas, sometimes by sizable populations. Guaraní is a good example—and it’s the only fully institutionalized indigenous language in the Americas. That’s why, if you’d like professional transcription services for Guaraní, our team at is here to provide them.

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Bringing You the Best Guaraní Transcripts Possible

With a whopping 6.5 million native speakers, Guaraní is the second-biggest indigenous language in the Americas, second only to nearby Quechua, spoken in Peru and Bolivia. Guaraní, conversely, is spoken primarily in Paraguay, where it enjoys co-official status alongside Spanish. Roughly half of the rural Paraguayan population is monolingual in Guaraní, and the language is spoken widely by not only the indigenous population but also the descendants of European colonialists, a rarity among Amerindian languages.

Guaraní is a grammatically complicated language classed, like many other American languages, as “polysynthetic.” This means words can be inflected to the extreme, with different grammatical morphemes added to form huge and informationally dense words. Guaraní also has multiple words for “we” that specify whether the listener is included, avoiding the ambiguity sometimes found in English. Despite the challenges the language presents, our transcriptionists are native speakers of Guaraní, so it’s easy for them to transcribe your Guaraní-language audio or video clips, no matter the content. And if you want your transcript translated into English, that’s another service we offer.

Better, Faster Guaraní Transcripts Thanks to Technology

Our goal is to provide reliable, high-quality Guaraní transcripts to you on your timeline. One way that we can speed up the delivery of our transcripts without compromising on quality is by using automated transcription technology as a tool in our process. In this scenario, we’ll run your Guaraní audio or video clip through a speech-to-text program and have it generate a base transcript. Then, our skilled human transcriptionists will carefully scrutinize the output, comparing it to your original recording. Quality is always guaranteed.

Even though Guaraní has more than 6.5 million native speakers and is a co-official language of Paraguay, it simply doesn’t have the resources of other, bigger languages like Spanish or Portuguese. Thus, automated transcription in Guaraní tends to be less reliable than in larger languages, which just further highlights the need for our human transcription experts. Whether you want a transcript in Guaraní or translated into English, our human transcriptionists will always verify every transcript meets our quality standards.

Custom-Order Guaraní Transcripts the Way You Want

​We hire Guaraní transcriptionists from all walks of life to ensure broad coverage of as many different niches as possible. While some of our team members specialize in academic transcription, others focus on business transcription, and others yet on entertainment transcription. We also work with content dealing with all sorts of subject matter, including technical subjects. If your Guaraní audio or video recording contains technical jargon, just let us know so that we can match you with the right expert.

Our Guaraní transcriptionists are extensively experienced, which means they can navigate issues that might trip up less experienced amateur transcriptionists. For example, you don’t have to worry if your Guaraní audio or video recording contains noise in the background, multiple speakers, or unclear pronunciation. Maybe your clip is recorded in a nonstandard dialect of Guaraní, or maybe the speakers use a lot of slang expressions. No worries—such problems are easy to navigate for experts like us. So, send us your clip, whether it’s from Asunción, Ciudad del Este, Luque, San Lorenzo, Capiatá, Lambaré, Fernando de la Mora, or another part of Paraguay. We’re here to help anyone who needs Guaraní transcription services.

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