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Southern Quechua Transcription Services

Southern Quechua

Do you need your Southern Quechua audio or video files transcribed into text? Our seasoned professionals have years of experience accurately turning audio into ready-to-read transcripts for the largest indigenous language in South America.


Order high-quality Southern Quechua transcription services today.


Experts in Southern Quechua Transcription


Southern Quechua is the third-largest language in South America as well as the continent’s most widely spoken indigenous language. More than 7 million Southern Quechua speakers reside across the Andes region of Chile and Argentina as well as in Peru and Bolivia, where it’s an official language.


Southern Quechua is the language of the Quechua people and holds special cultural significance for them. By using, you can expand your audience and make your audio and video files more available to Quechua speakers in these regions and beyond. We provide transcripts to support documentaries, academic work, ethnographic research, and more.


Pairing Human Experts With Lightning-Fast Technology for the Best Transcripts


If you think you can just put your Southern Quechua recording through a speech-to-text program, think again. Transcripts created by these programs are usually riddled with errors and nonsensical text. This problem is only compounded when you take into account unusual terminology, poor audio quality, or regional variations in the language. The technology is useful, certainly, but only in the hands of experienced human transcriptionists, who can skillfully clean up all the mistakes the software makes.


As Southern Quechua has a large geographic range, audio files may contain speech from speakers of numerous dialects, including Ayacucho Quechua, Collao Quechua, Cusco Quechua, North Bolivian Quechua, South Bolivian Quechua, and the distinctive Santiagueño Quechua. Regardless of which variety of the language your files contain, our human transcriptionists can provide you with accurate transcripts.


Transcripts Created to Match Your Needs and Schedule


At, we ensure your Southern Quechua transcripts match your specific needs. We offer services in both English and either of Southern Quechua’s orthographies, and our experienced team has worked with audio files for a range of content. We can help researchers, medical workers, documentary filmmakers, and more. Our team can also handle audio that includes technical vocabulary as well as poor sound quality, background noise, or overlapping speech.


If you’re looking for high-quality Southern Quechua transcripts, don’t entrust your work to amateurs or computer programs. Our services are customizable and flexible to meet your needs. You can tell us what you need and leave the rest to our transcription experts. All that’s left for you to do is send us your files.


We work with clients from around the world, so whether you’re in Cusco, La Paz, Juliaco, or Puno and need Southern Quechua transcription services, just leave the task to us.


Order today.

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