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Durham Transcription Services


We provide highly skilled audio and video transcription services.

As the leading online English and foreign language transcription service, we do business with teachers and students, business leaders, and individuals across Durham, from the Museum of Life to IBM. creates high-quality, accurate transcripts of audio, video, and handwritten content for our clients.

When we say “transcriptionists,” we don’t mean just software. Our transcriptionists are real, knowledgeable, intuitive, and human. If you hand your audio clip off to a machine, you won't end up with a very accurate transcript. But if a human transcriptionist carefully compares the machine-produced text with the original audio, you end up with a perfectly reliable transcript much more quickly—which is why we're partial to this approach.

Start now and order transcription services.

Our audio and video transcription services are right for your needs.

Because we offer the best audio and video transcription services in Durham, as well as the entire country, you can be confident we’ll transcribe your academic or professional content to your exact specifications.

  • Are you a student at Duke University, North Carolina State University, or any of the other fine institutes in the state? We can help you through the grueling dissertation process by creating transcripts of your lectures, conferences, group discussions, and recorded notes. From American studies to zoology, we assign your work to a transcriptionist with experience in your field.

  • Are you in the creative field, working in the arts or marketing? If you need timestamps, video captions, or speaker identification, we can do that for you. No matter how you’re making your mark in the Bull City, we can help by freeing up more time for you to do what you do best.

  • Do you need transcription and translation for content in a language other than English? Our international team has the expertise to do just that. They’ve transcribed audio and video in more than 500 languages, such as Persian, Vietnamese, and French. As an added bonus, we can also create subtitles for your videos.

  • Are you a healthcare professional who needs medical transcription for one of many specialties, such as internal medicine or radiology? We’ve partnered with a firm whose medical transcriptionists are the best in the industry and have served doctors, healthcare workers, administrators, and more throughout the Durham area.

  • Are you a law practitioner who needs reliable transcription that’s accurate right down to the last comma? We’ve teamed up with a certified legal transcription firm that does outstanding work while maintaining seamless confidentiality.

  • Do you need dictated or handwritten notes transcribed into a working draft? Call on us to deliver to your utmost satisfaction.

Sit back and leave the transcription to us. Order transcription services now.

If it’s true, it’s not bragging.

We demonstrate our value to our clients every day with skilled transcriptionists who go over and above the norm. As a team, they have specialized knowledge in virtually every subject, from astrophysics to zoology, so we assign each project to a transcriptionist familiar with your topic and particular needs.

For the more than 263,000 people—content creators, business pros, and more—in Durham, North Carolina, we have the most accurate, most reliable audio and video transcriptionists around. And we believe so strongly in their skills that we maintain a simple pricing structure and don’t charge extra for more complex content. You can start working with us whenever you’re ready!

But wait! You might want more evidence.

It’s perfectly okay if you want to check us out further. Follow the link below to get a free sample of the great work we do. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Order a free transcription sample.

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