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The Best Audio and Video Transcription Services in Davis


Finding quality English transcription isn’t complicated. is the top online English and foreign language transcription service in Davis, California, and beyond. We work with many businesses, educational institutes, and individuals in Davis, from the UC Davis Arboretum to the Bicycling Hall of Fame. Our clients rely on our professionals to transform their valuable audio, video, and handwritten material into digital transcripts.

The transcriptionists on our team are real people with the solid knowledge, skills, training, and experience required to create accurate transcripts of your material within tight deadlines. Even if we sometimes employ speech recognition software, because we rely on highly trained human transcriptionists to meticulously check every single transcript, we produce a professional audio or video transcript every time.

Start today and order transcription.

Hiring the best professionals makes a major difference.

Whether it’s here in Davis, California, or across the United States, the best audio and video transcription services are right at your fingertips. We have the right team to complete your project accurately and quickly. Here are a few examples of how we can meet your specific needs:

  • If you’re a student, perhaps at the University of California, Davis, you might need a transcript of your recorded lectures, conferences, or dissertation discussions. For every academic project, we assign a transcriptionist familiar with that field of study.

  • If you create content in Davis, you might need video transcripts or captions. Our professional team will prepare and proofread your transcripts, which may include speaker identification and timestamps at no additional charge.

  • If your project includes a language other than English, you may need your content transcribed, translated into English, or both. With an extensive range of expertise, our international team of professionals has transcribed audio and video in dozens of languages, including Kurdish, German, Danish, and more. We can also create video subtitles.

  • If your need is transcription for any medical specialty, such as surgery, hematology, or neurology, our excellent medical transcription partner can help. Their transcriptionists are experienced with the unique requirements and terminology of healthcare.

  • If you’re in the legal field, you may need a transcriptionist who not only is dependable but also has a solid background in legal terminology. We partner with a certified legal transcription firm that produces polished and accurate transcripts in Davis and the surrounding area.

  • If you simply need someone to transcribe your dictated notes or written content into a working draft, we’re more than happy to help.

Send us your files and relax. We’ll take care of the rest. Order your transcripts now.

Find out how good we are—with no obligation.

We’re confident we provide exceptional transcription services for the thousands of businesses, researchers, and content creators in the city of all things right and relevant! Our transcriptionists have a wide range of expertise in the arts and sciences and in English and any of the more than 500 other languages we transcribe and translate. We have a simple fee structure that doesn’t change according to factors such as complex language or multiple speakers.

But just like you wouldn’t buy a car without checking it out first, we believe you should be able to check out our transcription services before placing an order.


Give us a test drive. Order a free sample.

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