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Kannada Transcription Services


It’s well known that Hindi is the biggest language in India, so many people may assume that it’s the native language of most people in the country. But that’s far from the truth—and in fact, in southern India, proficiency in Hindi is quite low. With more than 450 languages, India stands as the fourth-most linguistically diverse country in the world, with many of its languages spoken by tens of millions of people. Kannada is an example of a major language spoken in southern India—and at, we’re proud to offer Kannada transcription services.

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A Team You Can Trust for Top-Quality Kannada Transcription Services

With around 43 million native speakers, Kannada is a major language—but on a global stage, it tends to be overshadowed by Hindi. Kannada is the predominant language of the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka, where it constitutes the native language of around 66% of the population. Another 15 million or so people speak Kannada as a second language, often native speakers of minority languages in Karnataka, such as Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi.

Kannada, one of India’s designated “classical languages,” comes from the Dravidian language family, meaning it’s related to Telugu and Tamil but not Hindi. It uses a default word order of subject-object-verb and is characterized by heavy inflection, with three grammatical genders and eight noun cases. The language features four declension patterns that determine how the case endings manifest in a given word. Kannada verb conjugation is similarly complex—but you don’t have to worry about the grammatical intricacies of Kannada. That’s because we’ve hired native speakers of Kannada for whom these grammatical complexities are second nature, guaranteeing high-quality transcripts in Kannada (or translated into English!).

Improving Our Kannada Transcription Offering With Technology

Speech-to-text software is impressive—it makes mistakes, sure, but it can generate a decent transcript in just a few seconds. While it’s not reliable enough to use on its own if you value quality and accuracy, it’s a great start, which is why we like to incorporate this sort of technology into our professional transcription work. We can feed your Kannada audio or video recording into a speech-recognition program to instantaneously create a draft transcript, which our human Kannada transcriptionists can then work with to craft a high-quality transcript.

When our experienced transcriptionists use AI tools in their work, they always carefully scrutinize the results, reading over every word of the machine-generated transcript to ensure it matches up with your original Kannada recording. In this way, we offer the same high quality as always at a fraction of the speed. If you’re apprehensive about the use of automated transcription technology, though, we can also produce your Kannada transcript from scratch—just let us know!

You Specify How You Want Your Kannada Transcript

In addition to quality, we place great importance on flexibility in our Kannada transcription services. We proudly serve clients from various sectors, including academia, business, and the arts, whose Kannada-language transcription projects touch on a huge array of subjects. Since we have team members knowledgeable in various disciplines, we can always set you up with the most suitable Kannada transcription expert for your content. We also cover numerous Kannada dialects, as we hire transcriptionists from all regions of Karnataka.

Any number of issues could complicate a Kannada transcription job. Perhaps your audio or video recording features low audio quality, a noisy background, or multiple speakers who sometimes talk at the same time. Maybe the interlocutors are speaking too fast or too unclearly, throwing in a lot of colloquial expressions, or maybe they’re speaking in a nonstandard dialect. If your clip includes any of these challenges, don’t worry—our Kannada transcriptionists are seasoned experts who know how to handle these kinds of problems. While it’s not always possible to discern the speech, our experts are your best bet. So, what are you waiting for? Send us your Kannada audio or video clips from Bangalore, Hubballi–Dharwad, Mysore, Belgaum, Kalaburagi, Mangalore, Davanagere, or anywhere else in Karnataka, India, or the entire world!

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