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Brampton’s Best Audio and Video Transcription Services

See what makes us Brampton’s top transcription company.

At, we’re passionate about turning the spoken word into professionally formatted transcripts. We’re bringing that passion to Brampton, Ontario, from the beautiful nature of Chinguacousy Park to Rose Theatre Brampton, so that all the entrepreneurs, researchers, content producers, and others in the city can access high-quality transcription services. If your audio or video clip isn’t in English, that isn’t a problem either: we offer transcripts in 500+ foreign languages. We also work with handwritten documents—basically, we offer the ultimate flexibility in transcription services.

We value quality, so we hire only the best transcriptionists around the globe. We don't entirely eschew the use of speech-to-text software, as we recognize its utility in producing a foundation for a human transcriptionist to work from, but we guarantee that every single transcript we produce is carefully verified by a human before it's delivered to you. When you order from us, you can rest assured your transcript is created with a 100% quality guarantee, overseen by an experienced human transcriptionist selected specifically to match your needs.

We’re happy to offer a quote for transcription—just ask for one.

Transcription for all domains

Whether you’re in Brampton, elsewhere in Ontario, or elsewhere in Canada, we’re dedicated to bringing the best possible transcript to you. We work with businesspeople, scholars, creatives, healthcare practitioners, legal professionals, and more to craft reliable, high-quality transcripts for all needs.

  • Those at fine institutes like Algoma University and Ryerson University will be pleased to know that we offer academic transcription services for recorded lectures, conferences, handwritten notes, and more. Since our transcriptionists are experts in many different fields, we’ll be sure to assign someone who knows the ins and outs of your discipline—that way, you don’t have to worry about technical jargon.

  • Artistic content deserves to be spread, and we’re particularly eager to support Brampton artists. In fact, we even offer transcription extras, like timestamps and speaker identification tags, for free—just ask about them! We also have specialized services creatives often make use of, such as video captions. And we can polish your transcript to ensure it’s ready for immediate publication—our on-staff proofreaders can give it a thorough pass before we deliver it to you.

  • It’s common for immigrants to settle in Brampton, and they bring their languages, whether Nepali, Gujarati, or Somali, with them. To make sure everyone in Brampton has access to the city’s best transcription services, we offer our services in over 500 languages—and we also offer subtitles, if you’d like to tailor your English-language video content to one of these foreign-language populations.

  • Brampton medical professionals deserve top-level transcription services, but, considering all the technical jargon in immunology, psychiatry, pediatrics, and other medical subfields, it’s not a job for just any transcriptionist. Luckily, we’ve partnered with a medical transcription service experienced in providing Brampton healthcare workers, from Downtown Brampton to Bramalea, with the best in medical transcripts.

  • Brampton legal professionals also deserve legal transcripts they can rely on. But like medical transcription, only specialized experts can provide legal transcription services. So, we’ve struck up a partnership with one of the best legal transcription firms on the Internet. They’re familiar with a range of legal areas and work with the utmost professionalism.

  • Whether you have an audio recording, video clip, or handwritten document, you can send it in to us—no matter what the content is. We’re here to serve the transcription needs of Brampton, no matter how big or little.

Let’s get started on your first transcript!

Here’s why we’re the best transcription service for Brampton.

Our unfaltering commitment to professionalism and accuracy makes us an unbeatable transcription service for clients in Brampton. We offer a full package, with proofreaders and translators standing by on our team to provide additional services for the diverse needs of Brampton clients. We specifically hire transcriptionists who have expertise in various fields, allowing them to navigate any type of material.

With nearly 600,000 inhabitants, Brampton has many different transcription needs. Across the city are countless business leaders, doctors, lawyers, artists, students, and others who need high quality in their transcripts—whether in English or one of many other languages. We maintain a simple payment scheme that remains constant no matter what your content is, so there are never any unpleasant surprises.

Let’s start working together—place an order for transcription services today!

We can prove our prowess.

We’re confident in our transcriptionists’ abilities—so confident, in fact, that we’re happy to offer free samples to all first-time clients. So, if you want to get a taste of transcription quality, request a free sample today.

Let our transcriptionists show you what they’re made of.

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