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Yucatec Maya Transcription Services

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The Maya civilization represents one of the most famous pre-Columbian societies in the Americas. Even though this rich culture is known around the world, few people realize that the Mayan languages—which number around 30—are still spoken today by around 6 million native speakers. The biggest Mayan languages today are Q’eqchi’ and K’iche’, which are chiefly spoken in Guatemala, but in third place we have Yucatec Maya. At, we’re thrilled to offer our transcription services for Yucatec Maya.

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Bringing You the Best Yucatec Maya Transcriptions on the Web

As the third-largest Mayan language today, Yucatec Maya claims around 840,000 native speakers, most of whom live in the three Mexican states that comprise the Yucatán Peninsula: Yucatán, Campeche, and Quintana Roo. Native speakers may also be found in parts of Chiapas and Tabasco, as well as about 2,500 people in neighboring Belize. For an endangered Amerindian language, Yucatec Maya enjoys a relatively high degree of support and has been featured in various pop culture works. As of 2019, all schools in the state of Yucatán are required to provide Yucatec Maya language lessons.

Like most of its Mayan sister languages, Yucatec Maya features a verb-initial word order, with verb-object-subject being the most common but verb-subject-object also being frequently used. However, the subject is often topicalized and moved to the front for emphasis, giving the appearance of a subject-verb-object language. Another interesting feature of Yucatec Maya is its lack of verbal tense, instead communicating the temporal information of actions through aspect, such as whether an action has been completed. But you don’t have to worry about all the complex aspects of Yucatec Maya grammar—since our transcriptionists are native speakers, they can handle them with ease. So, you can always trust us for top-notch transcripts in Yucatec Maya or translated into English.

Employing the Miracle of Technology in Our Yucatec Maya Transcription

The never-ending evolution of automated transcription technology offers us ever more ways to add value to our transcription services, providing our clients with tailored and precise transcripts at record speeds. Our trained human transcriptionists take care of the quality, accuracy, and professionalism, and we let the transcription technology handle the speed. We never compromise on quality—we ensure that all our transcripts undergo a thorough quality-assurance process.

Since Yucatec Maya lacks the resources of larger languages like Spanish, the reliability of speech-recognition software for Yucatec Maya is limited. That just increases the need for the sharp eyes—and ears—of our human transcriptionists, who solely use machine-generated transcripts as rough drafts, a base from which to more quickly and smoothly craft a professional transcript. This partnership between human and machine allows us to offer transcripts faster and cheaper—but, of course, if you’d rather we produce your Yucatec Maya transcript from scratch, you always have that option, too.

Ultimate Flexibility and Customization in Our Yucatec Maya Transcription

We endeavor to serve as many different clients as possible with our Yucatec Maya transcription team, which is why we’ve hired a diverse range of transcription experts from all over the Yucatán Peninsula. Our transcriptionists are native speakers of different dialects of Yucatec Maya, and they have experience providing transcription services for clients in different areas of work, including academia, business, and entertainment. We even have numerous transcriptionists with expertise in other fields, which can come in handy if your audio or video clip deals with esoteric subject matter.

Since our Yucatec Maya transcriptionists are experts with vast experience working on different types of transcription projects, they’re able to handle obstacles that may trip up less experienced transcriptionists. For example, Yucatec Maya audio or video recordings with a lot of noise in the background or with multiple people talking at once can be difficult to understand. Sometimes, speakers don’t enunciate very clearly or speak with a lot of colloquial expressions, which can further impede a transcriptionist. But with seasoned professionals like ours, you don’t have to worry. Wherever you are—Mérida, Cancún, San Francisco de Campeche, Kanasín, Playa del Carmen, Ciudad del Carmen, Chetumal, or anywhere else—you can feel comfortable entrusting your Yucatec Maya transcription needs to our team.

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