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SRT Subtitling Services for the Ukrainian Language

Opera Знімок

Your debut into the Ukrainian-speaking market starts with Ukrainian subtitles.

How many languages do you think are spoken in the world? Dozens? Hundreds? The answer is way higher than that—an estimated 7,000 languages comprise the global linguistic landscape. Against this massive linguistic diversity, English stands out as the most widely spoken language—but still, most of the world (an estimated 83%) can’t converse in or even understand English. So, if you’re not offering your content in other languages, such as Ukrainian, you’re losing out on a huge potential audience.

It’s true that a lot of people in Ukraine learn English as a second language—but most people in the country still don’t speak English at a high level, if at all. So, while English does open you up to a minority of Ukrainian speakers, you can’t access the rest if you don’t add Ukrainian subtitles to your work. Whether you’re making a movie, documentary, game, commercial, online video, TV series, or any other video content, if you want to cultivate a Ukrainian audience, you need Ukrainian subtitles—and our Ukrainian subtitling team here at can help you with that, offering Ukrainian subs in the form of SRT files.

Our Ukrainian subtitling services won’t break the bank, either—get a quote for free by sending us a message!

What makes Ukrainian such a great language for subtitles?

Ukrainian tends to be overshadowed by Russian, a closely related language with far more speakers. But that doesn’t mean Ukrainian isn’t a major language itself. Indeed, with more than 27 million native speakers and an additional 6 million or so second-language speakers, Ukrainian subtitles can widen your potential audience significantly. Major Ukrainian-speaking communities span the globe, being found in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and even Canada and Brazil, so Ukrainian subtitles may take your content further than you think.

Ukrainian subtitles can also help you connect with audiences that even Ukrainian dubs couldn’t reach, such as people who are deaf or suffer from hearing loss. This community faces a scarcity of video content they can consume, so if you add Ukrainian closed captions to your movie, online video, documentary, or whatever else you’ve created, they’ll definitely appreciate it. The same goes for Ukrainian speakers who simply can’t turn on the audio for whatever reason—such as being on public transportation—so Ukrainian subtitles may offer even more benefits than you might think.

Ukrainian may look like Russian, but it’s actually quite different.

If you can’t read the Cyrillic alphabet, you might think Ukrainian and Russian look the same. While it’s true that they share the same roots and feature much of the same vocabulary and grammar, the languages are also quite different, with Ukrainian bearing more similarities to Belarusian than Russian.

Regarding grammar, Ukrainian is a complex language with a lot of morphological inflection, which can make it intimidating for learners. With three genders and seven cases, Ukrainian nouns can appear in a plethora of forms, and verbs are similarly complicated, marked for person, number, tense, and voice. Like other Slavic languages, Ukrainian doesn’t mark verb aspect morphologically—rather, verbs come in “perfective” (complete) and “imperfective” (incomplete) pairs, with some verbs featuring numerous imperfective forms. Although Ukrainian’s basic word order is subject-verb-object, like in English, the language’s extensive inflection allows for a relatively free word order, which opens up more possibilities for different nuances in Ukrainian sentences. These intricacies make it clear why you need to rely on experts for your Ukrainian subtitles.

Work with our Ukrainian subtitling experts to engage your Ukrainian-speaking audience.

Ukraine and its neighboring countries offer a huge potential audience to anyone willing to invest in Ukrainian subtitles, and we’re just the team to provide the high-quality Ukrainian subtitles you need to take advantage of this untapped market. We hire Ukrainian subtitlers from all over Ukraine and the neighboring areas of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, and beyond, and our subtitlers have experience creating subtitles for many different types of content. That includes technical content—so, if your video includes technical jargon, we can match you to a subject-matter expert on our team!


With our Ukrainian subtitling team, you can count on quality—no matter what your project is. Our subtitling experts are native Ukrainian speakers, and they’re passionate about their language, driving them to strive for quality in every order.

We’re your door to the Ukrainian-speaking market. Ready to get started? Send us a message today!

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