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Sundanese Transcription Services


The Southeast Asian archipelagic nation of Indonesia boasts incredible linguistic diversity, with its 700+ indigenous languages positioning it firmly as the world’s second-most linguistically diverse country on the planet (its neighbor Papua New Guinea being number one). While Indonesian is used as the lingua franca that unites the diverse ethnolinguistic groups on a national level, Javanese is the Indonesian language with the most native speakers. In third place we have Sundanese—which we at are proud to provide transcription services for.

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Rely On Us for Top-Quality Sundanese Transcription Services

Native Sundanese speakers account for roughly 42 million of Indonesia’s massive 270+ million population, with Sundanese being indigenous to the western third of the heavily populated island of Java. More specifically, you’ll find scores of Sundanese speakers in the provinces of West Java, Banten, and Jakarta, as well as portions of Central Java and Lampung, the southernmost province of Sumatra. The language is split up into several dialects, with the Priangan dialect standing as the most widely spoken.

Like most of Indonesia’s 700+ languages, Sundanese comes from the Austronesian language family, specifically hailing from the Malayo–Polynesian branch. Unlike English, which constructs plural nouns by adding a suffix, Sundanese instead uses an infix, -ar-, inserted into the middle of a word. If the word begins with a vowel, however, it’s instead attached as a prefix. Another notable characteristic of Sundanese is that it features different politeness registers that speakers must take into account in different social situations, which can be a tricky aspect of the language for learners to master. But since we only hire native Sundanese speakers for our Sundanese transcription services, you can rest assured they intimately understand all the nuances of this beautiful language and can expertly craft transcripts in Sundanese—or translated into English.

The Benefits of Using Technology in Our Sundanese Transcription Services

We’re committed to providing the best Sundanese transcription services we possibly can, so we’re always looking for ways we can add value for our diverse clientele. One of the ways we can do this is by incorporating automated transcription technology, which enables us to produce transcripts faster than ever before. Don’t worry, though, as we never compromise on quality—our professional human transcriptionists always ensure the utmost precision in our Sundanese transcripts.

The process is simple—we feed your Sundanese audio or video clip into a speech-recognition program, and then we take the transcript draft that it generates and hand it off to our trained human transcriptionists, who meticulously pore over it, correcting every error and inaccuracy they find. In the end, you receive a high-quality, highly accurate Sundanese transcript faster than ever. But, of course, if you want us to create your transcript entirely from scratch, we also offer that model.

Sundanese Transcription Services Customized for Your Unique Project

We understand that our Sundanese transcription clients come from all walks of life, pursuing projects in all sorts of different fields. Some work in academia and others in business, while others yet work on projects in the world of entertainment. We have specialists in all these areas and more, so we can expertly accommodate your specific Sundanese transcription needs. Since we also hire transcriptionists from all across Java and the rest of Indonesia, we also cater to various Sundanese dialects, and our subject-matter experts from various fields make it easy for clients with technical content to access the pinpoint transcription services they need.

Does your Sundanese audio or video clip contain certain issues that might make it more difficult to transcribe? Maybe the audio is scratchy, there’s a lot of noise in the background, or the speakers are talking over one another. Perhaps much of the speech is slurred or there’s an abundance of slang terms being thrown around. Whatever obstacles your Sundanese recording presents, our experienced transcriptionists can handle them—that’s the benefit of working with seasoned professionals. So, why not send us your Sundanese recordings from Jakarta, Bekasi, Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, Serang, Semarang, Surakarta, Bandar Lampung, or somewhere else in Indonesia or the world?

We’re eager to help with your Sundanese transcription project—so order now!

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