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Portuguese Subtitling Services (SRT Files)

Capture an eager new audience with Portuguese SRT subtitles.

How linguistically diverse is the world? Many people are surprised to learn that more than 7000 languages are spoken across the planet. The world is simply too linguistically diverse not to subtitle your video content. English won’t cut it, since only about 13% of people worldwide speak it. So, adding SRT file subtitles to your videos is an investment in your expansion.

At, we offer SRT subtitling services in Portuguese (among several other languages). We’re passionate about helping content creators reach new audiences in Brazil, Portugal, and other Lusophone nations, so we pay careful attention to the cultural differences between the Portuguese-speaking and English-speaking worlds in our subtitle translations. We’ve worked with everything from major films and TV shows to indie documentaries and online videos, so you can rest assured your audience in Brazil and Portugal will enjoy the same high-quality content as your English-speaking viewers. And to top it all off, SRT files are designed for quick and easy implementation into video files, so it’s effortless for you.

Portuguese SRT files at affordable rates—contact us now to ask about a free quote!

What are the benefits of subtitles?

The most obvious benefit is that international viewers can access your content. If you add Portuguese SRT files to your film, show, or video, you can reach more than 250 million native Portuguese speakers around the globe—hardly a small number. And considering the prominence of Brazil, many people also speak Portuguese as a second language—roughly 24 million to be exact. These learners can equally benefit from your Portuguese subtitles—and they can even hone their Portuguese language skills with them!

The less obvious benefit of subtitles is their ability to reach those who can’t listen to your audio. Studies have shown that roughly 10 million Brazilians suffer from hearing loss, and this population is grateful for content creators who add closed captions or subtitle their works in Portuguese. That way, they can still enjoy it. Portuguese subtitles also allow you to tap into a similar demographic: people watching in public who can’t use audio. In this way, SRT files truly allow you to grow your audience.

Why subtitle your content in Portuguese?

Many people are surprised to learn just how prominent Portuguese is—and it’s mostly thanks to Brazil. Portuguese developed from vulgar Latin on the Iberian Peninsula alongside its larger cousin Spanish, and its expansion to Brazil allowed it to truly proliferate. Additionally, while Portugal boasts a relatively high level of English proficiency, most Brazilians can’t speak English, highlighting the importance of Portuguese subtitles.

Portuguese SRT subtitles are always best translated by professionals. Translation is a tricky endeavor, and, even though Portuguese is a Romance language with many similarities to English, its differences render subtitling difficult. For example, Portuguese’s present perfect tense is completely different from English’s, and mistakes in this area could deeply confuse a Portuguese speaker.

If you’re looking for Portuguese SRT files, we’re the team for you.

It’s not easy to build the best Portuguese subtitling team on the web, but that’s what we’ve done. It’s all thanks to our skilled and experienced translators, who we’ve sourced from across Brazil, Portugal, and other Portuguese-speaking countries. Our SRT experts are knowledgeable in various fields, which allows them to work with technical jargon, even if your content is highly academic or deals with complex medical fields like anesthesiology. They’ve worked on many different projects, so they can handle a diverse clientele with ease. They’re also talented at translating slang or other non-standard language. Simply put, they’re the best there is.

Portuguese speakers care about subtitle quality—after all, reading error-filled subtitles is jarring, and inaccurate subtitles will mislead your viewers. So, invest in high-quality Portuguese SRT files with

Ready to take the next step? Message us today to discuss your Portuguese SRT file needs.

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