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Find Audio and Video Transcription Services in Milwaukee

Discover what transcription can do for you in Milwaukee.

We love Milwaukee—and with attractions like the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Milwaukee County Zoo, who wouldn’t? We also know there are many people in Milwaukee who need reliable transcription services—whether they’re running their own business, breaking new frontiers in academia, or creating new entertainment content for the city. We’re proud to offer our transcription services to Milwaukee residents, no matter what their audio clip, video file, or handwritten document is.

At, we value accuracy and flexibility. That results in us offering high-quality transcription services in a variety of fields, disciplines, and even languages—all with the intuitive touch of a human transcription professional. That’s right—while some transcription agencies delegate their transcription work entirely to software, we only use it as a tool, helping us save time while our human transcriptionists carefully review each transcript for accuracy. Quality is worth more to us than that—you can always expect the utmost precision with our transcripts.

Find out how much transcription services cost—request a free quote now.

What can we do for you?

So, you’re a Milwaukee resident in need of transcription services—great! We serve clients all across Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the entire United States. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a medical professional, scientific researcher, entrepreneur, video creator, or anyone else—our flexibility allows us to serve just about anyone.

  • Are you a student or professor? We work with academics at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Marquette University, Concordia University Wisconsin, and other universities to provide the best academic transcripts around. We will happily transcribe your recorded lectures, interview notes, or dissertation discussions, regardless of subject matter. We have expert transcriptionists familiar with many fields, so accuracy won’t be a problem.

  • Milwaukee content creators stand to benefit immensely from our transcription services, because we offer free extras, like timestamps and speaker identification, to anyone who requests them. We also have other specialized services, such as captions, that are popular among creatives. We want to help you bring entertainment to Milwaukee.

  • If you immigrated to Milwaukee from another country, you’re in luck—since we offer our transcription services in more than 500 languages, we can probably provide a transcript for you in your native language. If you speak Mongolian, Dutch, Khmer, or nearly any other language, we can transcribe your audio or video clips. Of course, we also offer video subtitles to anyone who needs them.

  • From dermatology to oncology, healthcare professionals toil day and night to keep Milwaukee healthy and safe. Transcription needs are common in the medical sector, but medical transcription services can be hard to come by. Not with us—thanks to our partnership with a top-ranked medical transcription company, Milwaukee medical practitioners have easy access to high-quality transcription.

  • Do you practice the law and need professional transcripts for a deposition or courtroom proceedings? Turn to us. While we don’t provide legal transcription ourselves, we can set you up with our partner company, which is a leading agency in legal transcription. Their strict confidentiality clauses protect you and your work while offering the best in legal transcription services.

  • Milwaukee residents from all walks of life can turn to us for transcription services for their audio and video files as well as their handwritten notes. We don’t discriminate—we want to help as many people in as many areas as possible.

Ordering transcription services is easy—try it now!

We believe in the skills of our transcription team.

It’s hard to land a spot on our transcription team because we only take the topmost transcription professionals. Our team is packed with passionate transcriptionists who specialize in various areas of transcription as well as other fields, rendering technical jargon an easily overcome obstacle for us.

Almost 600,000 people live in Milwaukee, and our transcriptionists are ready to help as many of them as possible. With specialists in academic transcription, subtitling, captioning, voiceovers, and more, we can confidently cover the transcription needs of the city—both in English and in hundreds of other languages. Our pricing model is simple—it’s based on the length of your audio or video clip—so you never have to pay extra for complicated content or poor audio quality.

Why not place your first order for transcription services today?

We can start for free.

We offer free samples to anyone in Milwaukee who wants one so you can see exactly how skilled our transcriptionists are. Why not request a free sample now? You’re under no obligation to place a paid order, so what do you have to lose?

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