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Here’s Laval’s Best Transcription Service

Want top-quality transcription services in Laval, Quebec?

​We’re, and we’re in a unique position to offer you the best transcription services in all of Laval (and Quebec, for that matter). We offer professional transcription services in both English and French—as well as more than 500 other languages—which makes us well suited to serve Quebec. We’re highly flexible, handling content in audio, video, and handwritten form with ease. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re confident we can provide it.

​Laval is a beautiful city, with attractions like Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles and Parc Belmont. Our transcripts are also beautiful—professionally formatted with minimal errors, they stand in stark contrast to transcripts from many of our competitors, who use imprecise speech-recognition programs and don't hire human transcriptionists to scrutinize the results. With us, you get a guarantee that your transcript was verified by a human expert, usually with knowledge in your particular field, even if the base of the transcript was originally generated by a machine.

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We welcome all of Laval to order transcription services.

We’ve positioned ourselves to help everyone in Laval who needs professional transcription services. In both English and French, we offer specialized transcription services for researchers, business leaders, marketers, and many more. This is why we’re the go-to service not only for Laval but also for Quebec and Canada more generally.

  • If you study somewhere in Laval or neighboring Montreal, such as the University of Montreal, McGill University, or Concordia University, you may be interested in our academic transcription service. It’s great for transcribing lecture notes and conference recordings, and you can rest assured we’ll always assign your order to a transcriptionist who knows your field.

  • Laval is an artistic city, and it’s brimming with content creators. These content creators often need transcripts with features such as timestamps and speaker identification tags—and these are things we’re happy to add for free. We also have a specialized video captioning service, designed for creators to increase the accessibility of their content.


  • Legal terminology isn’t easy—most laypeople can’t understand it, let alone transcribe it. So, if you’re a Laval lawyer, you know you have to rely on specialized legal transcription experts. We’d be happy to set you up with our legal transcription partner, an industry leader that places immense value on precision and privacy.

  • Of course, there are many other reasons someone in Laval may require transcription services, and we’re ready to serve them too. We don’t discriminate—send us your audio or video clip or handwritten document, and we’ll get right to work.

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We have sky-high standards and the transcription team to reach them.

​In our quest to provide the best transcripts in Laval—and in all of Canada—we’re searched far and wide for the world’s best transcriptionists. We’ve taken a multifaceted approach, favoring candidates who are knowledgeable in other fields so that we can easily cater to esoteric subject matter. We’ve sought out experts in translation and proofreading so that we can offer supplementary services to those who desire them. We’ve aimed to create Canada’s best transcription team.

Have we succeeded? Given that we’re the go-to transcription service for the 422,000+ people in Laval, we can comfortably say yes. Whether they’re prestigious researchers, flourishing businesspeople, or creative geniuses, Laval residents flock to us for transcription excellency, and we deliver it. Our services don’t break the bank either—we offer a simple, transparent pricing model that doesn’t change even for complicated content.

​Why not take a moment to order transcription?

We can show you what we’re made of—for free.

​Many Laval residents choose to order a free sample before placing a paid order—for non-urgent jobs, it’s a great idea. Our transcriptionists are eager to show off their skills to new clients, so why not put them to work?

There’s nothing to lose—order a free sample today.

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