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Our Professional Hungarian Subtitles Using SRT Files

Hungarian parliament building

We make it easy to engage a Hungarian-speaking audience.

If your content is only available in English, then it’s only accessible to roughly 17% of the global population. That’s a lot of people, but you’re closing yourself off to major audiences around the world, including all over Europe, where English proficiency is comparatively high. Hungary is a good example of such a place—it’s a wealthy European country with a high standard of living and a populace eager to devour your movie, online video, documentary, video game, or other content, but Hungary has one of the lowest English proficiencies in Europe, so you need Hungarian subtitles to attain their viewership.

Luckily, if you work with us here at, adding Hungarian subtitles to your video content is easy. Offering subtitles in dozens of languages, including Hungarian, we work hard to help content creators make their works available to new, international audiences. We carefully translate your English script into smooth, flowing Hungarian and convert that into nice, crisp subtitles that you can effortlessly embed into your content via SRT files. Our Hungarian subtitling services are available for all types of content, regardless of the genre or subject matter.

Our Hungarian subtitling services are affordable, too. Check out our rates by requesting a free quote!

Getting the most out of your Hungarian subtitles

Hungarian is a bigger language than you might think. There are roughly 17 million native speakers of Hungarian worldwide, which is almost double the entire population of Hungary itself. More than 99% of people in Hungary speak Hungarian as their native language, but a significant number of ethnic Hungarians in neighboring countries, such as Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine, dramatically increase the overall number of Hungarian speakers. Thus, adding Hungarian subtitles to your movie, video, or other content may have a larger impact than you’d initially think.

There are also hidden benefits to adding Hungarian subtitles to your work. Not everyone who understands Hungarian necessarily “speaks” it—hundreds of thousands of ethnic Hungarians suffer from some form of hearing loss that can make it difficult to consume content without subtitles. If you work with our Hungarian subtitling team, you can accommodate this often overlooked audience, who will appreciate your commitment to their community. Additionally, some Hungarian speakers without hearing loss don’t want to use audio—because they’re on public transportation, for example—and Hungarian subtitles will help you reach them, too.

Hungarian: a unique and valuable subtitling language

Given Hungary’s location, you may assume Hungarian is a Slavic language, similar to nearby languages like Slovak or Serbian. But in fact, Hungarian isn’t even a European language by linguistic standards, since it’s not part of the Indo–European family. Rather, Hungarian is the largest member of the Uralic family and is distantly related to Finnish and Estonian, not any of its neighboring languages. This means Hungarian is completely different from other languages in the region, which helps explain the tendency toward monolingualism among Hungarian speakers.

Hungarians are proud of their language, considering how unique it is. But it’s not easy to learn—in fact, it’s notorious for its complexity. Hungarian features a whopping 18 cases, even more than Finnish, and each case has at least two associated suffixes, the usage of which is determined by which vowels are present in the stem word. Hungarian also routinely deviates from its default word order of subject-verb-object, with alterations giving rise to different nuances. With all this complexity, it’s important to rely on experts for your Hungarian subtitles.

Our Hungarian subtitling team is eager to help you make your content more accessible.

If there’s one thing our Hungarian subtitling team is passionate about, it’s helping bring exciting new content—from action-packed movies and dramatic TV series to educational documentaries and immersive video games—to their fellow Hungarian speakers. Our native-speaking Hungarian subtitling experts come from all over Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and elsewhere with a Hungarian-speaking presence, and they have experience creating subtitles for a wide variety of projects. We even have subject-matter experts from various fields available for content with technical language!

Whatever your Hungarian translation project, we’re dedicated to producing high-quality subtitles in SRT form. Our Hungarian subtitling services are reliable, flexible, and affordable—the best of all worlds.

If you’d like to tap into the Hungarian-speaking market, you can start today—all you have to do is message us and let us know what you’re looking for!

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