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Hindi Subtitling Services (SRT Files)

Succeed around the world with SRT subtitles.

How many languages are spoken on Earth? A whopping 7000+! And only around 13% of the world population speaks English. So, if you want to achieve maximum success for your content—be it a sketch on YouTube, a dramatic TV series, or an adventure-filled film—subtitles are the best option. And the best way to handle subtitles is through SRT files, which are quick and easy to implement.

If you want SRT file subtitles in Hindi for your video, we at can help. We’re experienced in providing high-quality subtitles in Hindi—and numerous other languages—so we can guarantee precision and accuracy, regardless of your content. We acknowledge the vast cultural differences between India and the English-speaking world, and we incorporate that knowledge into our Hindi subtitles to create a comfortable and comprehensive viewing experience for your Hindi-speaking audience. And since we use SRT files, you can then implement the finished product quickly and easily into your video.

If you’d like to see a quote for our Hindi SRT subtitling services, contact us now to request one.

Don’t underestimate the power of SRT subtitles.

It goes without saying that the primary benefit of purchasing SRT file subtitles in Hindi is that you can reach viewers across Northern India, disseminating your content to a population of more than 320 million native speakers. Moreoverr, with Hindi standing as one of India’s lingua francas, the language also boasts around 270 million second-language speakers, for a total of about 600 million speakers. Foreign-language Hindi speakers stand to benefit significantly from SRT files in Hindi, since watching subtitled content can be a good way to practice one’s language skills.

However, the benefits of Hindi subtitles don’t stop there. It’s estimated that roughly 63 million people across India suffer from some form of functional hearing loss, and while not all of them speak Hindi, a good portion of them do. So, adding Hindi SRT files to your content allows you to engage this sizeable community in a similar way to closed captions. At the same time, Hindi subtitles on your video allows those without access to audio equipment to also tune in, broadening your potential audience.

Engage an Indian audience with Hindi subtitles for your content.

Hindi is spoken widely across Northern India, including in New Delhi. The language is also spoken as Urdu in Pakistan, with Urdu written in the Arabic script and Hindi in the Devanagari script. It’s an important cultural language in Northern India, and Hindi speakers are proud of their language and its influence. Despite a relatively high English proficiency in India, Hindi speakers prefer to consume content in their own language.

Although Hindi is an Indo-European language, like English, the two languages are nothing alike. This means that it’s imperative to hire true professionals to translate your content into Hindi SRT files. Hindi’s complicated grammar, including its two genders, three inflectional cases, and several postpositional cases, is enough to trip up any amateur.

We’re the experts on Hindi SRT subtitling.

It’s important that your Hindi-speaking viewers can enjoy the same level of quality as your English-speaking audience. That’s why we’ve carefully selected the top talent in the Hindi subtitling realm, scouring Northern India for the best subtitlers. Our professionals have worked on many different projects, allowing them to build up a robust skillset and preparing them to smoothly create Hindi SRT files for any type of video or movie—even with slang or technical language from specific fields like radiology.

If you want to take your content to India, Hindi SRT subtitles are your solution. And if you’re looking for Hindi SRT subtitles, we’re your team.

Reach out to us today, and we’ll happily answer all your questions about our Hindi SRT subtitling services.

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