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French Subtitling Services (SRT Files)

SRT files are your key to the francophone world.

English may be called the universal lingua franca, but, with only 13% of the world’s population speaking it, it hardly suffices as a global communication tool. Around the world, people speak more than 7000 different languages, so translation is really the only way to spread your content broadly. SRT files make that quick and easy, with simple implementation.

At, we help content creators reach new audiences by translating their video content and creating subtitles in the form of SRT files. We’re pleased to offer French, a popular, prominent, and widely spoken language, as one of our several subtitle languages. We consider the cultural differences between the Francophone world and the Anglophone world—particularly if you’re targeting a region like Francophone Africa—to produce the highest-quality subtitles. So, do you want to make your online video, TV show, feature-length film, or documentary accessible to French speakers? SRT files are the solution, and we’re your team.

Contact us today for a free quote to see how much our French SRT subtitling services cost.

How can French SRT subtitles help you expand your content?

French subtitles can be immensely beneficial. Most importantly, if you add French SRT files to your video, French speakers can access it. That opens up your content to the more than 76 million native French speakers across France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, and beyond. But that number suddenly jumps up to roughly 274 million if you include the many second-language speakers around the world, particularly in West Africa. French learners appreciate subtitles because they can study from them—especially if they already know the original language.

Going further, not all Francophone people speak the language—those with hearing loss may rely on written language. French SRT files are immensely helpful in this case—French speakers who are deaf or hard of hearing can still access your movie or video if you have French SRT files embedded. French subtitles are also helpful for people across the Francophone world who simply don’t have headphones or audio equipment when they access your video, as they can still read along with the subtitles.

Harness the power of French SRT subtitles.

French is renowned around the world for its beauty and elegance, garnering a reputation as the “language of love.” Aptly, it’s classified in the Romance branch of Indo-European languages, having developed from the vulgar Latin spoken in Gallia. Nowadays, it’s spoken in territories around the world and functions as a lingua franca in many West African countries. French speakers are usually proud of their language and may not speak English well—so French subtitles are important. is available to translate your English content into easily manageable French SRT files. It’s best to leave this job to the pros, since English-to-French translation can be complicated. In particular, the French verb system is complex, with several conjugations possible. Translators must pay close attention to create the appropriate nuances, and amateurs simply don’t cut it.

Our French subtitling team is comprised of foremost experts.

We don’t hire our French subtitlers haphazardly. We’re extremely meticulous in our hiring process, searching carefully for the top talent from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, and beyond. We have every potential translator prove their competencies in a rigorous test, and we ensure our French SRT file creators have extensive experience in the field, even specific medical specialties like ophthalmology. We verify that they know technical language and slang terms and all types of other language idiosyncrasies to best cater to our diverse clientele, who come to us with all sorts of movies, documentaries, shows, and videos.

Don’t embed subpar SRT files into your videos—purchase truly professional French subtitles. With our team, you can comfortably engage the French-speaking world, from Paris to Quebec City to Kinshasa, with your video content.

Find out more about our French SRT subtitling offering by contacting us today.

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