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Aymara Transcription Services

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Today, most of South America speaks Spanish, with the obvious exception of Portuguese-speaking Brazil. But South America actually retains a lot of the linguistic diversity that spanned the continent prior to the arrival of European colonists. One prime example is the Aymara language, one of the biggest indigenous languages in the Americas, which is still spoken in South America today by more than a million people. At, we’re passionate about minority languages like Aymara, and if you’d like transcription services for this unique language, we’re happy to offer them.

You can order Aymara transcription services from us today!

The Best Aymara Transcription Services on the Internet

​With 1.7 million native speakers, Aymara is huge as far as indigenous languages of the Americas go. Belonging to the Aymaran language family, where it towers over its endangered cousin languages Jaqaru and Kawki, Aymara is spoken in certain areas of Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. It’s spoken in the same region as Quechua, the single biggest indigenous language in the Americas, and the two languages have heavily influenced each other throughout history, despite not being related.

Aymara grammar is complicated, with a range of cases attached to nouns to communicate grammatical meaning. But since we work with native Aymara-speaking transcriptionists to deliver our tailored Aymara transcripts, you don’t have to worry about the complex grammar of this Amerindian language. Different dialects of the language exist across the Aymara-speaking region, particularly as you cross national borders, but our transcriptionists cover all Aymara dialects. We also offer translation services, translating your Aymara transcript into English if you so wish.

Making the Most of Technology in Our Aymara Transcription Services

​Speech-to-text software is constantly evolving, and its capabilities are growing ever more impressive. We recognize that, and we like to use speech-recognition software in our work as a tool. While this technology doesn’t produce accurate results when used on its own, if you pair it with the expertise of a trained human transcriptionist, it can dramatically speed up the transcription process without losing any quality. Don’t worry—we carefully check over all transcripts before we deliver them to the client.

Relying on the expertise of our human transcriptionists is especially important for a language like Aymara, which has far fewer resources than major languages like Spanish or Portuguese. Automated transcription software for Aymara will inevitably be less precise than the same technology for bigger languages, and if your Aymara recording contains dialectical speech, colloquialisms, or technical terminology, the algorithms will struggle even more. But these aren’t concerns with our human Aymara transcriptionists, who are proud native speakers of this indigenous South American language.

You Can Customize Your Aymara Transcription Services However You Like

​What kind of Aymara audio or video clip do you have for us? Perhaps it’s from an academic conference, a business meeting, or interviews for a documentary you’re shooting. Maybe it contains slang or technical vocabulary that may be difficult for amateurs to understand. Don’t worry about the content of your Aymara recording—we’ve hired a diverse array of transcription experts to cater to whatever special needs you may have for your project.

Amateurs may struggle with issues like poor audio quality in your recording, multiple speakers talking at the same time, background noise obscuring the speech, slurred or garbled speech, and more—but we only hire seasoned experts. Depending on the circumstances of your clip, it may not always be possible to understand 100% of the speech, but as professionals, we promise the highest quality possible. If you’re anywhere in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, or another country in South America—or anywhere in the world, for that matter—you can take advantage of our pinpoint transcription services for Aymara.

Take a moment to place an order for our Aymara transcription services today.

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