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Great Audio and Video Transcription Services in Albuquerque

You’ve found Albuquerque’s best online transcriptionists.

At, we’re serious about providing top-notch results to transcription clients across Albuquerque. We’re dedicated to serving as many Albuquerque residents as possible, stretching from the wonders of the Petroglyph National Monument to the heights of the Sandia Peak Tramway. Whether you’re an academic researcher, business leader, or anyone else in the city, you can access our transcription services in English and more than 500 foreign languages alike.

Our team consists of experienced human transcriptionists who offer a quality guarantee with every transcript they produce. While we do work with machine transcription, it's only in conjunction with our expert human transcriptionists, who meticulously ensure accuracy in all our machine-generated transcripts. Only humans can deliver the quality you’re looking for, and we hold ourselves to sky-high standards. We carefully select the most skilled transcriptionists from around the world who boast significant experience transcribing a variety of projects. That’s how you can be sure you’ll receive a high-quality, accurate transcript at a reasonable price.

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Our flexibility opens us up to transcription clients all over Albuquerque.

Our transcriptionists have what it takes to assist clients anywhere in Albuquerque—or anywhere in New Mexico or even the entire United States, for that matter. We work with clients from all walks of life—the academic world, the business sphere, the creative industry, and more—to provide best-in-class transcripts.

  • Whether it’s the University of New Mexico, Brookline College Albuquerque Campus, or Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, New Mexico is dotted with prestigious post-secondary institutes. is here to assist students, professors, researchers, and others with transcripts of their lectures, conferences, or group discussions. With our diverse team of transcriptionists, we’re sure to have someone familiar with your field, so you don’t have to worry about technical language.

  • Albuquerque’s content creators may require special extras in their quest to entertain New Mexico. With us, you can get extra transcript features, like timestamps and speaker identification, at no extra charge. You can easily request these features alongside your order for a video transcript or captioning, and we’ll happily help you spread your artistic content.

  • New Mexico is one of the most multilingual states in the US—nearly 30% of residents speak Spanish, and another 4% speak the indigenous Navajo. Multilingual residents of Albuquerque are in luck, because we offer transcription in more than 500 languages, including Spanish and Navajo. We’re also proud to offer subtitling services.

  • Working hard to keep Albuquerque healthy? Whether you’re a pediatrician, surgeon, or psychiatrist, you need a medical transcription company that you can rely on. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Uptown, Downtown, or Old Town—the medical transcription firm we’ve partnered with can serve all healthcare professionals in Albuquerque


  • Legal practitioners in Albuquerque similarly deserve a high-quality, specialized legal transcription service they can rely on. That’s precisely why we’ve partnered with a leading legal transcription company with unwavering standards of confidentiality. Our partnership allows you to access high-quality legal transcripts easily.

  • Anyone else in Albuquerque is free to take advantage of our transcription services for their audio clips, video footage, or handwritten journals as well. No matter the subject, we can help!

Why wait? Reap the benefits of professional transcription services today.

We work with only the best transcriptions.

Thanks to our careful selection process, we boast a top-level transcription team comprised of the top professionals from around the world. We hire transcriptionists with unique backgrounds in various fields, including sciences, the humanities, business, and more. This ties into our quality guarantee and flexibility, as it allows us to assign technical content to transcriptionists with specialized knowledge.

Albuquerque has more than 550,000 residents, and it’s no small job to fulfill all the transcription needs of this great city. But that’s a challenge we take on with pride. The satisfaction of Albuquerque transcription clients is important to us, whether you’re a professor, entrepreneur, doctor, or anyone else. From Spanish and Navajo to other languages around the world, we also offer foreign language transcription services and can even build in a translation service—all for competitive rates.

Let’s get started with transcription now.

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If you have any doubts, reach out and request a free sample. It’s quick, easy, and free, with no obligation to place a paid order after. However, we’re confident you’ll be so satisfied you will place a paid order after.

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