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Have Your Webex Meetings Transcribed

Important note is not in any way affiliated with Webex.


Modern businesses understand the value of teleconferencing platforms such as Webex. For years, these applications have been gaining traction in the business realm, and the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 spurred explosive growth of the sector. The advantages of conferencing applications such as Webex are numerous, allowing business owners to save significant time and money on travel and comfortably hold meetings right from their home offices.


Recording a meeting on Webex allows you to keep records for the future, but having to play through a video until you find the nugget of information you’re looking for can be time-consuming and frustrating. The best way to store the information discussed in your Webex meetings for the long term is to have your recordings professionally transcribed so you can easily search the text for keywords.


Why not order Webex transcription services today?



Let Professionals Handle Your Webex Transcription

If you want to have your Webex conference calls transcribed, the process is easy: Simply record your meetings and send our team the files. As seasoned experts in the transcription scene, we provide highly accurate transcripts that are professionally formatted with timestamps and tags for different speakers. Your information will be more readable and accessible than ever, and if you have international employees whose first language is not English, a transcript may substantially facilitate their ability to understand the information discussed.


Attempting Webex transcription yourself is an option, but not one we recommend, since transcription is a long, intensive process for those without the specialized training our team has. As a business owner or manager, you can benefit your company by applying your skills to business expansion endeavors and leaving transcription to our professionals.


Our transcriptionists have been in the industry for years and have worked with a range of audio and video, from Webex and other teleconferencing software recordings to YouTube videos, presentations, and focus group sessions. You can rest assured you’ll get a high-quality transcript by the deadline you specify when you work with us. We work hard to tailor your transcript to your needs, so if you have any specifications or requests, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. With a range of turnaround and pricing options, we’re sure to have the right Webex transcription service for you.


Order Webex transcription services today.

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