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Samoan Transcription Services

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Given that Polynesia consists of several small, isolated island nations spread out across the vast Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise that the many different Polynesian languages are mostly spoken by only small numbers of people. Samoan is, by a large margin, the biggest by number of native speakers, used widely across Samoa and American Samoa. If you’re looking for top-notch transcription services for audio or video clips in Samoan, we here at are proud to offer our services—no matter what kind of transcription project you have for us.

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We’re the Number One Samoan Transcription Team for You

Samoan is spoken by approximately 510,000 people globally, easily making it the largest Polynesian language. Of course, most Samoan speakers reside in the Pacific Island nation of Samoa and the US territory of American Samoa, but a solid 100,000+ people in New Zealand also speak Samoan, making it the third-biggest language in the country. Samoan features a number of grammatical characteristics that starkly differentiate it from English, including its tendency to place the verb at the beginning of the sentence and its use of clusivity in the first-person pronoun, which results in multiple words for “we” to specify whether the listener is included.

If Samoan sounds complicated, don’t worry. That’s why we’ve hired passionate native speakers to transcribe your Samoan audio and video clips, delivering either Samoan-language transcripts or translating them into English so you can achieve an even bigger reach. We work with all sorts of clients, whether they work in academia, the corporate world, or the artistic sector, hiring Samoan transcriptionists who are familiar with each area. The same goes for technical content—we boast subject-matter experts from various fields.

We Use Transcription Software Responsibly, Never Compromising on Quality

How do you feel about automated transcription technology? We’re excited about the rapid development of language-based AI, as it serves as a fantastic tool that we human transcriptionists can use to help deliver high-quality transcripts faster than ever. We can have a machine generate a base transcript, and then our human transcriptionists carefully go over it to eliminate any errors, polish the formatting, and bring the quality up to our standards.

When it comes to Samoan transcription, speech-recognition software may not always be accurate because the language simply isn’t big enough for the algorithms to function effectively. That makes the expertise of our seasoned Samoan transcription professionals all the more important, as they can carefully navigate their way through the intricacies of the Samoan language, including dialectical differences. No matter what, we’ll always have a human transcriptionist sign off on the quality of your transcript before delivery.

Designing Your Samoan Transcript According to What You Want

We built our transcription team with flexibility in mind. Even if you have special requests, we aim to accommodate them to the best of our ability, sifting through our team of Samoan transcription specialists to handpick the one best suited to your project. We have some transcriptionists who specialize in academia, others in business, and others in creative projects—we’ll match you up accordingly. The same applies if you need a Samoan transcriptionist with knowledge in a particular field.

Whatever kind of Samoan transcription project you have, don’t worry. Even if your recording is of poor quality or includes background noise, multiple speakers, and dialectical speech, that’s okay—that’s why we’ve stocked our team with top Samoan transcription experts. All you have to do is send your recording, select your preferred turnaround time, explain your specifications, and wait—we’ll take it from there. Clients from Apia, Afega, Leulumoega, Lufilufi, Tutuila, Auckland, Wellington, or anywhere else in the world can all take advantage of our Samoan transcription services.

We’re waiting for your Samoan transcription order—place it now!

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