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Pangasinan Transcription Services

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Did you know that more than 180 languages are native to the Southeast Asian archipelagic nation of the Philippines? While Tagalog is broadly used as a lingua franca across the country, people tend to speak smaller, local languages as their native tongues, with some representing sizable portions of the population. One such example is Pangasinan, the eighth-biggest native language in the Philippines. Interested in transcription services for Pangasinan? We at are proud to offer them!

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Proudly Providing Pangasinan Transcription Services

With roughly 1.8 million native speakers, Pangasinan ranks as the eighth-biggest native language in the Philippines, primarily spoken by people in west-central Luzon, the northernmost major island in the country. While Pangasinan speakers may also know Tagalog, Ilocano, or other regional languages, depending on where they live, Pangasinan stands as one of the biggest languages in the region, spoken all across the province of Pangasinan and parts of Tarlac, La Union, Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Benguet, and Nueva Vizcaya.

Pangasinan is a member of the Austronesian family, as are most indigenous languages in the Philippines. In Pangasinan, the verb comes at the beginning of the sentence in a default verb-subject-object word order, and the language demonstrates heavy inflection, appending affixes to words for grammatical significance. Pangasinan also has far more pronouns than English, with a first-person dual pronoun in addition to the regular singular and plural, as well as a clusivity distinction to determine whether the listener is included when a Pangasinan speakers says “we.” These factors can make Pangasinan tricky to learn, but it’s no challenge for our team members to transcribe—our transcriptionists are native speakers who can skillfully transcribe Pangasinan and even translate it into English if desired.

How Technology Makes Our Pangasinan Transcription Services Faster

Language—any language—is intrinsically complex, far beyond what computers are able to handle. For the utmost accuracy and quality in a transcript, it’s imperative to work with trained human transcriptionists. But speech-to-text software is far speedier than humans, able to pump out full transcripts in mere seconds. So, we like to partner with our AI pals to produce the same high-quality transcripts we’re known for but in a much shorter time frame.

It’s true that speech-recognition software is prone to generating errors, but since we’ll always have our trained human translators, who are native speakers of Pangasinan, carefully looking over the entire transcript, meticulously comparing it to your original Pangasinan audio or video recording, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of the machine. We’ll touch everything up so that it meets our sky-high standards of quality, no matter your Pangasinan transcription project. However, we of course understand that some people may prefer transcripts generated only by humans, so we also offer that service.

We Tailor Our Pangasinan Transcription Services to Your Requests

Our Pangasinan transcriptionists come from all over Luzon, specializing in all sorts of transcription niches. That’s how we’re able to cater to academics, businesspeople, and creatives alike, providing the tailored services each of them requires to succeed in their unique fields. We also recognize that some of our clients may present Pangasinan audio or video clips featuring esoteric language, which is why we’ve hired team members who are knowledgeable in a wide range of fields. Whatever the specifications of your clip, we’re confident our large and diverse Pangasinan transcription team can help.

Clients often worry that problems with their Pangasinan voice recording, such as scratchy audio quality, the presence of multiple speakers, loud background noise, slurred or mumbled speech, or strong accents, may impact the quality of their transcript. While these issues can indeed be challenging, our Pangasinan transcriptionists are highly experienced and can navigate such obstacles with professionalism and skill. We work with each individual client to accommodate your unique needs—including if you’re working with esoteric subject matter or want your transcript translated into English. So, join us from anywhere in Luzon—such as Pangasinan, La Union, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Benguet, Zambales, or Nueva Vizcaya—or indeed anywhere else in the Philippines or the entire world. No matter who you are, we’re here to provide top-notch Pangasinan transcription services.

Let us level up your Pangasinan-language project—order transcription services today!

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