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Odia Transcription Services


There are a lot more languages spoken in India than you’re probably aware of. Most people outside of India may assume that Hindi is spoken as a native language all throughout the massive South Asian country, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, India is home to more than 450 languages, many entirely unrelated to Hindi. Many of India’s indigenous languages are spoken by tens of millions, and many Indian states have their own dominant language. Take Odia, for example—it’s one of India’s biggest languages, and we here at are proud to introduce our transcription services for Odia.

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Flexible, High-Quality Odia Transcription Services for Any Project

Odia is related to Hindi, but it’s completely mutually unintelligible. The language boasts around 35 million native speakers—which is higher than the population of many countries—and you’ll find most native Odia speakers in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, with an additional 700,000 or so in neighboring Chhattisgarh. Odia is one of India’s designated “classical languages,” a recognition for Indian languages with a particularly rich history and literary tradition. Like a lot of major Indian languages, Odia is also written in its own native script.

Odia is a member of the Indo–European language family, which means it’s related not only to Hindi but also English. But it’s not particularly close to either. Odia has lost a lot of the grammatical complications of Sanskrit—for example, the gender of words is only used for semantic, not grammatical, purposes, and although the language is officially considered to have eight cases, the nominative and vocative cases have effectively merged, as have the accusative and dative cases. Since our Odia transcriptionists are native speakers, you don’t have to worry about grammatical issues—our experts understand all the subtle nuances of Odia and can even translate your Odia transcript into English if you want.

Faster—Yet Still Accurate—Odia Transcripts With the Help of Technology

Some people are concerned about the rapid development of AI technology, including in areas like transcription. But as human transcriptionists, we’re really not that worried. That’s because speech-to-text programs just can’t transcribe Odia audio or video recordings with the level of accuracy that our clients are looking for—but they can generate rudimentary transcripts in just seconds. We can then work with these rough drafts to produce reliable, high-quality Odia transcripts, dramatically accelerating delivery.

Whenever we use speech-recognition software, we’re exceedingly careful. We undertake a strict quality-assurance process to guarantee high quality and accuracy in all our work, with our human transcriptionists carefully listening to your Odia recording and meticulously ensuring it’s accurately reflected in your transcript. If you prefer that we create your Odia transcript from scratch, however, just tell us—we offer both models!

Flexible Odia Transcription Services Catered to Your Specifications

Different types of transcription projects require dramatically different approaches and skillsets. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to hire skilled Odia transcriptionists who represent a range of specialties, including academic transcription, business transcription, and entertainment transcription. By hiring experts from all across Odisha and Chhattisgarh, we have also ensured broad coverage of various Odia dialects, and by working with subject-matter experts from numerous fields, we’re able to offer specialized transcription services even for esoteric material.

If your Odia audio or video clip is challenging in some way, don’t worry—with us, you’re working with experienced Odia transcription experts. Even if your recording is scratchy or features a lot of background noise, we can work with it. We’re also skilled at deciphering clips that include multiple speakers, nonstandard dialects, mumbled speech, or a lot of slang or colloquial expressions. While these obstacles can trip up an amateur transcriptionist, we have the experience necessary to deliver a high-quality Odia transcript every time, even in the face of such challenges.

It doesn’t matter where your Odia-language clip was recorded—be it Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rourkela, Brahmapur, Sambalpur, Puri, Balasore, Bhadrak, Baripada, Balangir, or any other area in Odisha, Chhattisgarh, India, or the entire world! No matter where you—and your clip—are from, our Odia transcriptionists are here to help.

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