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SRT File Nepali Subtitles Available From Us

Opera Знімок

Carve out a lucrative new market in the Himalayas with our Nepali subtitling services.

Despite English’s exaggerated status as the “universal language,” not that many people actually speak it worldwide. If you only look at Western countries, then it may indeed seem like most of the world speaks English—but when you venture into places like Asia, you’ll quickly discover that the idea of English as a “universal language” is an illusion. For example, in Nepal, only around 15% of people can speak English at a decent level, with around 30% more speaking only basic English. That means it’ll be hard for your video content to make much of a splash in Nepal without Nepali subtitles.

Luckily, if you’re on the market for Nepali subtitles, we at have just the service for you. Our Nepali subtitling team is comprised of passionate native Nepali speakers who are eager to carefully translate the script of your creation—whether it be a game, TV series, movie, online video, documentary, or anything else—into smooth, flowing Nepali and deliver the result in the form of SRT files. SRT files are the industry standard for a reason—they’re easy and convenient for you to add to your project!

If you’re interested in Nepali subtitling services, reach out today to ask about a free quote!

By how much can Nepali subtitles widen your potential audience?

It goes without saying that Nepali is the national and official language of the South Asian country of Nepal, but the region is so linguistically diverse that fewer than half of Nepali residents speak Nepali as their first language. That said, most minorities do learn Nepali as a second language. Nepali is also spoken in Bhutan and various states in India, including Sikkim, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Uttarakhand. This results in a total of 16 million native speakers of Nepali, with second-language speakers increasing the overall speaker total to 25 million.

Whether to opt for Nepali subtitles or dubs is a good question, and the answer depends on your needs. While most viewers generally prefer dubs, as they’re more immersive and offer more depth of nuance and emotion, subtitles are cheaper and easier, and they also offer hidden benefits. For example, Nepali dubs won’t help the many Nepali speakers who suffer from hearing impairments, nor will they be useful for Nepali speakers watching your video with the audio turned off (perhaps because they’re tuning in from a public place). Nepali subs (or closed captions) are ideal for these situations.

Let’s take a closer look at what Nepali is like.

If you saw a text in Nepali, written in the Devanagari script, you’d probably think it’s worlds away from English—but the truth is that Nepali and English are actually related. Indeed, they’re both members of the Indo–European language family, although the relation is so distant that it’s practically irrelevant. Nepali is much more closely related to other South Asian languages, like Hindi or Bengali.

Nepali’s technical relation to English doesn’t make it any easier for English speakers to learn. The language defaults to a general subject-object-verb structure, although it allows for relatively free word order. Nepali nouns are defined as either masculine or feminine, and the language’s several cases are marked with postpositions rather than inflection. Verbs, however, are heavily inflected, with different conjugations based on the intersection of person, register, and tense. Nepali’s pronominal system is particularly tricky, with a strict honorific system resulting in several versions of pronouns, with the third-person pronouns further distinguished by proximity. With all these intricacies, Nepali certainly isn’t simple, so if you want great Nepali subtitles, you’ll need to hire an expert.

Let our Nepali subtitling team show you the power of Nepali subtitles.

Producing high-quality Nepali subtitles that our clients can rely on to enchant audiences in Nepal and northeastern India really matters to us. To that end, we’ve developed a robust Nepali subtitling team with experts from across the region who have proven their aptitude through vast experience on a wide variety of previous subtitling projects. We have Nepali subtitlers who specialize in all types of content and genres, so don’t hesitate to send your project our way!

Speaking of specialization, we also have many Nepali subtitlers who are experts in additional fields. This is ideal if your content contains esoteric language—in that case, just let us know if you need an expert in a particular domain!

Get started with Nepali subtitling services today by sending us a message!

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