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Our Professional Team for Mongolian Subtitles (SRT Files)

Opera Знімок

Our Mongolian subtitling team can help you reach millions of new viewers.

The idea that English is a “universal language” only makes sense in Europe, where indeed a large proportion of people do speak English—even though it’s probably far fewer than you think, and nearly everyone prefers consuming content in their native language. But when it comes to other places—including most countries in Asia—the story is entirely different. In Mongolia, for example, English proficiency is very low, with the vast majority of the population being monolingual in Mongolian. As a result, Mongolian subtitles are necessary if you want to gain a Mongolian audience.

We at have built up a professional Mongolian subtitling team just for people like you who want to market their online video, feature-length film, TV series, documentary, video game, or other video content in Mongolia. We provide our subtitles in the SRT file format, which makes it easy to add them to your content—it’s really that easy to cater your content to Mongolian speakers! With our team, you can rest assured that you’ll receive high-quality subs.

Why not send us a message now with the details of your project so we can give you a free quote for our Mongolian subtitling services?

Mongolian subtitles can take your content surprisingly far.

Did you know that the total number of Mongolian speakers is far more than the population of Mongolia? Around 95% of Mongolia’s population of 3.2 million is ethnically Mongolian and speaks Mongolian natively, but millions more Mongolian speakers live in Inner Mongolia, which is controlled by China, as well as Buryatia and Kalmykia, which are under Russian jurisdiction. Minority communities of Mongolian speakers also live elsewhere in Russia, China, and Kyrgyzstan, ultimately adding up to roughly 5.2 million native speakers.

If you want to market your content as broadly as possible to a Mongolian-speaking audience, we recommend opting for Mongolian subtitles rather than dubs. That’s because subtitles are ultimately more accessible—all those in the Mongolian-speaking world who are deaf or hard of hearing can’t consume your content if you only add dubs. Sometimes, even Mongolians without hearing impairments may want to watch your video content without sound—maybe they’re in public or another setting where they can’t use audio—so including Mongolian subtitles or closed captions also allows you to reach them in a way you couldn’t with dubs.

Mongolian: the star of the Mongolic language family

Mongolian is a unique language, belonging to its own language family called Mongolic. This means it’s not related to the Chinese languages to its south nor Russian or the Turkic languages to its north. There are several other languages in the Mongolic family, including Oirat, Buryat, Santa, Monguor, and Ordos, all of which have more than 100,000 speakers—but Mongolian is the only one with more than a million speakers. It’s generally written in the Cyrillic alphabet in Mongolia and the traditional vertical Mongolian script in Inner Mongolia.

Mongolian is a grammatically complicated language, featuring nine cases marked with suffixes—and each suffix comes in several different versions depending on the phonological makeup of the stem noun. Knowing which case to use isn’t very straightforward either, as Mongolian is a “differential marking” language, meaning factors like animacy and context can influence which case is grammatical. For example, definite (“the”) nouns must accept the accusative suffix when being used as an object, but indefinite (“a”) nouns remain unmarked, staying in the default nominative case. Mongolian also features modal particles that can add rich nuance to sentences but are difficult for learners to master. Don’t worry, though—our Mongolian subtitlers perfectly understand all the intricate rules and nuances of Mongolian.

Our Mongolian subtitling team can be your guide to the Mongolian-speaking market.

If you’d like to grow a fan base for your video content in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and elsewhere with a Mongolian-speaking presence, we’re here to help you. We’ve hired several passionate Mongolian translators and subtitling experts from Mongolia, China, Russia, and beyond who are eager to help you cater your creative masterpieces to their fellow Mongolian speakers. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you have—our experts have experience creating subtitles for all kinds of content!

Some of our Mongolian subtitling team members even specialize in other fields and can draw on their varied knowledge to navigate subtitling projects that use esoteric language. If that’s what you need, just let us know what field you’re working with so we can match you with the right subtitler!

Get in touch today if you’d like to launch your Mongolian subtitling project!

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