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Maltese Transcription Services


What would you get if you combined Arabic and Italian into a single language? You don’t have to wonder, because Maltese answers that question. The native language of Malta, a small Mediterranean island nation off the coast of Sicily, Maltese fuses Semitic grammar patterns and conventions with a largely Romance-based lexicon, resulting in a beautifully unique language that the Maltese people can be proud of. We at are also proud to provide transcription services for Maltese, whether you’re in Malta or anywhere else.

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Maltese Transcription Services You Can Count On

Maltese boasts around 530,000 native speakers, which is just above the population of Malta. According to the Maltese government, more than 90% of residents in Malta speak the language, with English and Italian also being widely spoken in the Mediterranean island nation. The fusion of Semitic grammar with European vocabulary makes Maltese a one-of-a-kind language, with a variety of pluralization patterns arising from the various origins of Maltese words. Like Arabic, Maltese words are heavily consonant based, with three consonants forming the root of a word and the vowels changing to reflect different meanings.

Since our Maltese transcriptionists are native speakers of this unique language, you don’t have to worry about all the complex grammar yourself. They’ll take care of all the challenging aspects of Maltese transcription, including the different dialects that may be found across the island. We can provide transcripts in crystal-clear Maltese or translated into English depending on your preferences, and we work with clients in academia, business, the arts, and more. So, whatever Maltese transcription services you need, we’re here.

Trained Human Transcriptionists Partnering Up With Transcription Technology

​While some transcription agents rigidly eschew the inevitable development of automated transcription technology, we embrace it. We’re not worried that it will replace our human transcription experts because it just isn’t precise enough—the technology can’t handle all the subtle nuances baked into human language. So, we use speech-recognition programs to create a simplified transcript that our human experts then dive into to shape into a legitimate, high-quality transcript that meets our standards of quality.

Since Maltese isn’t exactly the biggest language in the world, it’s not a priority for automated transcription algorithms, which means these programs may struggle to accurately transcribe Maltese more than larger languages like Arabic or Italian. That’s another reason it’s so important to work with human transcriptionists. And don’t forget about dialects, colloquialisms, technical vocabulary, poor audio quality, and other factors that may confuse speech-to-text software. So, while this technology can be a great tool, we always make sure our human Maltese transcriptionists have the final say before we deliver your transcript.

Maltese Transcripts Made However You Want

Our goal is to offer the most flexible Maltese transcription services you can find on the web. Our services are available to people in any area of academia, business, or the arts, as well as anyone looking for transcription for any other reason. We work with all dialects of Maltese, and we cover all sorts of subject matter—including content that’s highly technical. We hire experts in various subjects specifically for that reason.

Our Maltese transcriptionists boast a wealth of experience transcribing Maltese audio and video recordings, so they’re adept at dealing with low-quality audio, background noise, multiple speakers, slang, poorly articulated speech, and more. So, don’t worry about any of that—you’re working with bona fide professionals. Geography doesn’t matter to us, so no matter where you or your audio or video clip is from, we can help. We’re here for clients in Valletta, Birkirkara, St. Paul’s Bay, Żabbar, Qormi, Victoria, and other cities across Malta and the wider world.

Discover what our Maltese transcriptionists can do for you by placing an order for transcription services today.

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