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Latvian Transcription Services


Do you have high standards for your transcripts? Do you expect high quality and professionalism? At, we employ a team of seasoned professional transcriptionists who work with specialized audio and video. With us, rest assured you’ll receive transcripts produced with the utmost attention to detail.


Get started. Order Latvian transcripts today.


Excelling at Latvian Transcripts


More than two million people throughout the Baltics and around the world speak Latvian, and it’s the sole official language in Latvia. However, for a relatively small language, Latvian also has a considerable number of non-native speakers. While it’s the primary language of many ethnic Latvians, it’s also used by the country’s large immigrant populations hailing from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. This population of non-native speakers makes the availability of Latvian-language transcripts all the more important.


With, your message can reach as broad an audience as possible, and if you want to reach a global audience, we also manage translations of your transcripts into English. Our team works for a range of clients, including those conducting academic research, expanding their businesses, providing educational materials, and more.


Software Can Go Only So Far with Latvian—Humans Can Take It the Rest of the Way


Huge strides have been made in speech recognition software, but they still create plenty of problems. Most programs can properly transcribe only perfect-quality audio, with one person speaking at a time and no technical jargon or colloquial language. Even then, such software still produces inaccurate texts full of mistakes. But, of course, the technology is still a useful tool for a seasoned transcription expert—if they correct the mistakes the program makes, they end up with a perfectly accurate transcript in a fraction of the time.


To ensure the quality of our transcripts, we work with human transcriptionists, who either craft transcripts from scratch or use an automatically generated transcript as a base. Our transcription experts are experienced with a range of audio and video files, including those with idiomatic speech, poor sound quality, or technical vocabulary. On a similar note, we can work with material from the Livonian, Middle, and Upper dialects. Whatever particularities your files might have, our transcriptionists are ready to handle them.


Latvian Transcripts Produced with You in Mind


We pride ourselves on providing Latvian transcripts that live up to our clients’ needs. Do you want your transcripts in Latvian, or do you prefer English? Does your audio or video cover a range of subjects? can take care of it all for you. With our team of seasoned and trained transcriptionists, we can handle material in a variety of fields, including legal, medical, and business transcripts.


Don’t waste your time with transcripts produced by amateurs. Instead, trust the professionals. We’ll customize your Latvian transcript to your needs and deliver it to meet your deadline. Let us worry about unclear audio and technical jargon. All you need to do is send us your files.


We work with clients from around the world, so whether you’re in New York, London, or Moscow and have audio from Riga, Liepāja, or Daugavpils, we can help.


Order today.

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