Lao Transcription Services


Lao audio or video to Lao text: $2.10 (USD) per audio minute


Lao audio or video to English text: $6.95 (USD) per audio minute


We don’t charge extra for the following:


  • Speaker identification

  • Timestamps

  • Accents

  • Difficult terminology

  • Multiple speakers


If you want to make your audio or video content available to a wider audience, working with a professional transcription service is essential.


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Accurate Lao Transcription Produced by Experts


Lao is an important language in Southeast Asia, with over 30 million speakers in the region and around the world. In the country of Laos, it’s the official language as well as the lingua franca among the Khmu, Hmong, Puthai, and Lao ethnic groups. Although most Lao speakers live in Laos, there are large communities of Lao speakers throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and elsewhere.


With the help of, you can transcribe your Lao audio and video files into Lao or English, bringing your content to a broader audience. We can transcribe texts for research, documentary films, SEO projects, digital apps, and more.


We Produce Transcripts with People, Not Software


Unlike other transcription services, our team never relies on speech recognition programs or software. While several speech recognition software options exist on the market today, they are unreliable and often lead to errors. The mistakes speech recognition software makes only worsen when the original recording contains colloquial speech or accents.


With us, you don’t have to worry: Our transcriptionists are familiar with the different dialects of Lao, including Northern, Central, Southern, Western, and the Vientiane dialect. By working only with human transcriptionists rather than software, we ensure high-quality Lao audio and video file transcription.


Flexible Turnarounds to Fit Your Needs offers a number of transcription options, including transcription into the Lao or Roman alphabet. We provide services for businesses, academics, content creators, and anyone in need of high-quality Lao transcription. Similarly, our team of transcriptionists can handle projects that include poor audio quality, overlapping speech, and specialized topics. We guarantee accurate transcripts that fit your needs.


You shouldn’t accept anything less than the best for your project. Rather than leaving your work in the hands of amateurs, let handle your project. We tailor our work to your needs and your schedule. All you have to do is send us your files. Just leave the rest to us.


Send us your audio or video files from Vientiane, Pakse, Savannakhet, Paris, or anywhere else. No matter where you are, we’ll work to deliver your transcripts exactly as you need them.


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