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Subtitling Services for Kurdish (SRT Files)

Opera Знімок

Discover an entirely new audience in Kurdistan with our Kurdish subtitles.

We live in a big, linguistically diverse world, and English can’t cover the whole globe. While many people worldwide do learn English, making it the biggest language in the world, at least in terms of total speakers, roughly 83% of the world doesn’t speak English. Just think about how many people can’t experience your movie, documentary, online video, video game, or TV series if you don’t translate it into their language and display subtitles on your work.

A good example is Kurdish. Kurdish is a major language, and many Kurds can’t speak English, so if you add Kurdish subtitles to your creative works, you can increase your potential audience by millions. At, thanks to our skilled and experienced Kurdish subtitling experts, we make it easy to access high-quality Kurdish subtitles that will help you grow a fan base in Kurdistan. And since we work with SRT files, it’s easy for you to then implement the resulting subtitles into your video content and release it for Kurdish speakers.

Contact us today to request a free quote and determine how much your Kurdish subtitles will cost!

Kurdish subtitles are your door to a hidden nation in the Middle East.

Kurdish boasts about 25 million native speakers in Kurdistan—but Kurdistan isn’t an officially recognized country. Rather, the ethnically defined nation is primarily divided among four recognized countries: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Iraqi Kurdistan enjoys relative freedom as an autonomous region, but Kurdish speakers face repression in the other countries. Across the region known as Kurdistan, three key varieties of Kurdish flourish: Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish), Sorani (Central Kurdish), and Xwarîn or Palewani (Southern Kurdish).

Kurdish subtitles can be more powerful than you might think. Not only do they make your work accessible to the tens of millions of Kurdish speakers, but they also help you cater to Kurds who are deaf or suffer from hearing loss. This community is particularly appreciative of Kurdish subtitles, as even Kurdish-language content without closed captions is largely inaccessible to them. Of course, Kurdish speakers without auditory problems may also want to watch your video without sound, and Kurdish subtitles are immensely helpful in these situations as well.

Kurdish: a unique language for a unique people

Kurdish can be written in either the Latin or Arabic writing systems, with Kurmanji speakers generally using the Latin alphabet and Sorani speakers preferring the Arabic script. So, while it may look like it’s related to Arabic, it’s not—actually, Kurdish is related to English. It’s classified as an Iranian language, making it closely related to Persian, but it remains distantly related to English as an Indo–European language.

Kurmanji features three grammatical genders, four cases, and a paucal number in addition to the regular singular and plural forms, with the paucal form denoting “a few” of something. Sorani features no grammatical gender, three cases, and definite (“the”) and indefinite (“a/an”) markers, which take the form of suffixes. Though the varieties are closely related, they’re mutually unintelligible, so you have to determine whether you want to cater to Kurmanji or Sorani speakers. Moreover, both Kurdish varieties are grammatically unique in their ergative alignment, which means they treat objects in transitive sentences the same as subjects in intransitive subjects. Sorani uses a split-ergative system, featuring ergative alignment in the past tense but the typical nominative–accusative alignment found in English in the present tense. Whether you’re targeting Kurmanji or Sorani, Kurdish isn’t a simple language, but don’t worry—it’s no problem for our Kurdish subtitlers.

Make a splash in the Kurdish-speaking world with our Kurdish subtitling experts.

We’re committed to providing you with the Kurdish subtitles you need to make your work a hit in Kurdistan, which is why we’ve built an experienced, skilled, and diverse team of Kurdish subtitling experts. Our subtitlers live in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and beyond, representing Kurmanji, Sorani, and Xwarîn—so you can choose which variety you’d like to cater to. We’ve also hired Kurdish subtitlers who know other fields, which is immensely helpful for clients with esoteric language in their content.

Our Kurdish subtitling team can work with any type of content, whether it’s a movie, an educational documentary, or a video game. Our experience informs our careful work, with our SRT files coming with a quality guarantee!

Don’t wait to make your content accessible to Kurdish speakers—message us today to put our Kurdish subtitlers to work!

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