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Thai SRT Subtitling Services


Dive into the Thai market with our Thai SRT subtitling services.

There’s no one language in the world that most people speak—not even English, which is only spoken by around 1.35 billion people. In our remarkably linguistically diverse world, content creators need translations and subtitles to make their content accessible to more groups of people. The easiest way to add subtitles to your video content is through SRT files, which are convenient and simple to embed.

If you want to capture a Thai-speaking audience, all you have to do is look to Thai is one of the dozens of languages that we manage a subtitling team for, and our Thai subtitling professionals are true experts in the subtitling industry. They’ve worked on all sorts of projects in the past—from blockbuster movies and hit TV series to documentaries, instructional videos, and online comedy sketches—which gives them the well-rounded repertoire of subtitling skills needed to deliver unwaveringly high quality with every Thai subtitling order. We’re careful in our English-to-Thai translation of your script, making sure to account for the style and creative flair of the original while being mindful of cultural references that Thai speakers may not understand. The end result is Thai subtitles in the form of SRT files, which you can easily embed into your video content.

Do you want a free quote for our SRT subtitling services for Thai? Contact us today to request one.

Thai subtitles can benefit your content in many ways.

Thai is the sole national language of Thailand (even though many languages are indigenous to the Southeast Asian country), with around 35 million native speakers, depending on how one classifies the language. Thai subtitles make your content accessible to this population, especially considering that English proficiency in Thailand is low. Another 44 million or so people speak Thai as a second language—mostly native speakers of other indigenous languages in Thailand—and they would also be happy to read the Thai SRT subtitles on your video.

There are also hidden benefits to Thai subtitles. Think about how many people in Thailand are deaf or have hearing impairments—this population often can’t even enjoy native Thai content if it doesn’t include closed captions. Thus, your Thai SRT files are a boon to Thailand’s hard-of-hearing community. There are also many people who watch online videos without audio—whether because they’re in public or because the content started auto-playing without sound—and Thai SRT subtitles can be indispensable in engaging this audience.

Well-translated Thai subtitles are powerful.

Thai comes from the Kra–Dai language family, which is spoken in areas throughout Southeast Asia and southern China. Hailing from one of the most linguistically diverse regions of the world, Thai is not related to neighbors Khmer, Vietnamese, or Chinese—but it is partially mutually intelligible with Lao. Thai uses its own writing system that closely resembles the Khmer and Lao scripts.

Thai and English are dramatically different languages, and this can make it difficult to translate English scripts into Thai. Thai is a heavily isolating language with little to no inflection, but this lack of grammatical markers can make comprehension more difficult. Thai also uses a complex system of honorifics in its pronouns—so it’s crucial to hire a professional Thai translator to ensure a smooth and accurate Thai translation.

Let our Thai subtitling team help you break into the Thai market.

Since our Thai subtitling experts are some of the best Thai translators in the industry, we’re confident we can help content creators of all kinds, regardless of medium or subject matter. Our Thai translators hail from all over the country, bringing with them their extensive expertise in not only subtitling but also a wide range of other fields, which means we can handle even scripts with esoteric language. Since our Thai SRT experts have also passed the stringent subtitling assessments we administer to candidates, we can also verify their Thai subtitling aptitude.

Capture the hearts of a Thai audience through the power of high-quality Thai SRT subtitles that retain the unique style and tone of your original script. Our rates are competitive, making it affordable to grow your Thai viewership.

To get started on your first Thai SRT subtitling project, send us a message today.

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