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Professional Subtitle SRT Files for Khmer


Discover an entire new audience in Cambodia with Khmer SRT subtitles.

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, clocking in at an impressive 1.35 billion speakers. But when you consider that there are nearly 8 billion people in the world, that’s not a very high percentage. Most people still don’t speak English—so if you want to make your content maximally accessible, you’ll need subtitles in other languages. SRT files are the best way to go about adding subtitles.

If you’re thinking about adding Khmer subtitles to your video content, is the perfect place to turn. We have a Khmer subtitling team eager to start working on your project, whether it’s an educational video for children, an online comedy sketch, a historical drama, or a high-budget fantasy movie. Since our Khmer subtitling team can draw on a vast background of experience in a wide array of different subtitling projects, you can rely on them for high-quality, engaging Khmer subtitles. Our easy-to-embed Khmer SRT files make it easier than ever to capture the hearts of a Cambodian audience.

Would you like to see our rates for Khmer SRT subtitles? Simply message us and ask for a free quote!

Subtitling your video content in Khmer opens lots of doors.

Did you know that Khmer has roughly 16 million native speakers? That covers the majority of people in Cambodia, along with people in neighboring areas of Thailand and Vietnam. Adding SRT files in Khmer to your video allows you to target this audience, which typically has extremely low levels of English proficiency. Learners of Khmer can also take advantage of your Khmer subtitles—and if they can understand the original audio, your Khmer SRT files can even turn into a great study session!

There’s another benefit to Khmer subtitles, too. Consider how many people in Cambodia and the neighboring regions of Thailand and Vietnam are living with hearing loss. Thanks to your Khmer subtitles, carefully translated and prepared by our professional Khmer subtitling team, the hard-of-hearing community of the Khmer-speaking world can enjoy your video just like everyone else. If someone can’t use audio at a given time—because, for example, they’re in a public environment—Khmer subtitles can also be a boon.

Why choose Khmer as a subtitling language?

Khmer, the second-biggest Austroasiatic language in the world (second to Vietnamese), has a long and rich history. The language is written in the Khmer script, which creates consonant symbols using a primary consonant character and a secondary vowel marker. Since most people in Cambodia can’t speak English, for most people, the only way they can access your content is if you offer subtitles in Khmer.

Khmer is wildly different from English, which can dramatically complicate the translation process. For example, Khmer has little to no inflection, which may sound easy, but this lack of grammatical marking can actually make comprehension harder, as a listener or reader must pay more attention to context. Khmer’s diverse honorific system also makes it difficult to choose the appropriate pronoun—something that translators must think carefully about when creating Khmer subtitles. Luckily, our Khmer SRT subtitle experts are highly experienced and can easily navigate difficulties like this.

Our experienced Khmer subtitling team is focused on quality.

We’ve searched long and hard across all of Cambodia and the Khmer-speaking areas of Thailand and Vietnam to bring you the best, most skilled Khmer subtitling team we can. We’ve hired Khmer subtitlers who have worked on numerous projects of all different types and who know the best way to create Khmer SRT files for different needs. Our subtitle translators are also experienced in a range of other fields, which qualifies them to handle technical language in various disciplines. Slang isn’t a problem, either.

Quality is our number one priority in creating SRT files for Khmer subtitles. Our Khmer subtitling team is proud to help creators establish themselves in Cambodia, and their passion is reflected in their careful, high-quality work, which we offer at competitive rates.

Why not seize the day and get started on your Khmer subtitling project? Tell us in a message what you’re envisioning.

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