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Technical Content and Video Transcripts: Not All Video Transcription Services Are Created Equal

Creating a video transcript sounds like a simple task, right? You just listen to the words and type them up. But nowadays, many videos deal with subjects like science, technology, medicine, or law. And viewers (rightly) expect videos to have closed captions—accurate captions—especially if the subject matter is complex.

So no, video transcription is not a simple task.

The first step to producing accurate captions is creating a high-quality video transcript. For this, you’d be wise to work with a professional transcription service like who knows how to handle complex subject matter. Producing a polished video is expensive, and an inaccurate transcript will only detract from your investment. Learn how to get transcription services for your technical content.

What should you expect from a transcription service?

Transcription can be challenging for many reasons, such as background noise, poor audio quality, specialized terminology, accents, and multiple speakers talking at once.

Your transcription service should employ transcriptionists who have broad range of subject expertise, from finance to fine arts. They should know when to raise a red flag, when to query, and how to research to ensure accuracy.

You should be allowed to upload any supplementary documents, such as a glossary of project-specific names and terms. If the transcription company won’t let you do this, you’re better off saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.” You need a transcription service that goes the distance when it comes to accuracy.

Your transcription provider should deliver an editable document that you can amend if needed. Find out what type of interface they use, who can make edits, and if those edits automatically flow to all your output files.

We specialize in difficult content

At, we want to save you the time and headaches of finding a reliable, professional transcription service. Our experienced transcriptionists know the technical side of accurate transcription, and we strive to give you a good experience.

Place an order now for quality results and a quick turnaround at a competitive price.


Explore transcription services

Flat-rate professional transcription with a social mission

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