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4 Ways to Ensure Accurate Transcription with High-Quality Audio

Any transcriptionist will tell you that the surest way to produce an accurate transcript is to start with a high-quality audio recording. To make sure you get a totally accurate transcript, apply these four tactics when recording audio or video.

1. Invest in a professional microphone.

If you need audio recordings transcribed to text frequently, you should invest in a professional microphone or recording device. The higher quality your microphone is, the better your recording will sound. The better the recording, the easier it will be for someone to transcribe accurately.

2. Keep background noise to a minimum.

When recording, you should keep the environment as quiet as possible, especially if you are using a phone to record. When selecting a place to record, look for one without background music, loud conversations, and other unpredictable noises such as traffic or PA announcements.

When recording in a home or office, you can better control your environment. Unplug any machines you don’t need, such as printers or air conditioners. Close doors and windows. Keep microphones away from computers, as mics will pick up noise from computer fans very easily. To limit interruptions, let anybody around you know that you will be recording. A smooth recording will help your transcriptionist ensure accuracy.

3. Take care with microphone placement.

When recording interviews, be sure to place the microphone close to the interviewee. Ultimately, his or her responses are the most important to get. Avoid interrupting, as transcribing cross-talk can be challenging, even for an expert transcription service. Important details can sometimes be lost.

4. Always test your devices.

Be smart and test your microphone and recording device before you have to record. This way, you can resolve any issues that emerge beforehand, determine the sound quality, and find the best placement for the microphone. Be sure to learn all the functions of your device: Know how to start/stop recording as well as how to download files when you’re finished.

With these four tips, you can be sure your recording will be of high quality—and your transcript will be, too.


Explore transcription services

Flat-rate professional transcription with a social mission

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